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How to Roll a Joint by Hand Like a Pro

How to Roll a Joint by Hand

For those who enjoy the pleasure of smoking a joint, rolling your own can be a satisfying experience. Unfortunately, rolling is not an easy task for beginners. If you've ever tried to roll a joint by hand, you know that it's not as simple as it looks. But don't worry; we're going to break it down for you in a step-by-step guide on how to roll a joint like a pro. Whether you're new to smoking or just want to improve your rolling skills, this guide will provide you with valuable information on how to roll a joint by hand.

Choose the Right Paper and Filter

The first step in rolling the perfect joint is choosing the right paper and filter. When it comes to selecting paper, you want to make sure you have the right size and thickness. Find a paper that is thin enough to roll easily but not so thin it tears easily. The most popular are the RAW Brand, OCB papers, and Zig Zag papers.

Raw Rolling Papers

Next, decide if you want a filter or not. A filter can help prevent small pieces of weed from getting into your mouth. But it's not necessary if you just want a straight joint without a filter.

Grind and Pack

The second step is to grind your bud and pack it into the paper. No one likes a joint that doesn't hit evenly. Therefore, grinding is an essential step to get a smooth, consistent even burn. Scoop up ground bud with your fingers and sprinkle it onto your paper. Don't overcompensate, though, as an overstuffed paper makes it more difficult to roll later.

groove electric herb grinder

After that, pack your herb into the joint to make it firm and even. Put the filter in one end of the paper and roll it gently.

Roll and Tuck

The third and probably the most challenging step is to roll and tuck. Begin by rolling the paper between your fingers and thumbs up and down to fold it into a cylinder. Once you've got the desired shape, tuck the un-glued edge of the paper into the joint with your thumbs.

how to roll a joint

Then, continue rolling and tucking about halfway down the joint, stopping to lick the glued edge before finishing the role. This is where it gets a bit tricky. As you carefully roll and tuck the glue will seal the joint. Be sure to use your tongue to seal the entire edge of the paper, ensuring it stays together.

Take Care of the Joint

Once you've folded, rolled, and sealed the joint, make sure everything looks perfect. Lightly tap the end without the filter on a hard surface to ensure that it's packed tightly together. If it looks good, twist the ends to seal cut the excess paper.

Smoke Time

how to roll a joint by hand like a pro

Now that you have created the perfect joint, it's time to light up! Place the joint in your mouth, light it at the tip and inhale slowly. You have worked hard to roll it, so take your time and enjoy!


Rolling a joint requires skill, patience, and practice. But with this guide on how to roll a joint by hand, you will soon be on your way to becoming a joint rolling pro. From choosing the right paper to lighting up, you will now have all the knowledge needed to roll a perfect joint. So grab your favorite herbs and papers, and let your rolling journey begin.

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