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Percolator Bong: How it Works and Benefits

Glass Percolator Bong

Bongs have been a favorite tool of choice for smoking enthusiasts for a long time. With its water filtration system that cools down the smoke and makes it smoother to inhale, it has become popular for those who want to have a fun smoking experience. Now, with the advancement of technology, bongs have gone through many modifications, one of which is the percolator bong. Let’s dive into what a percolator bong is, its working mechanism, and the benefits and drawbacks of using one.

What is a Percolator Bong?

First things first: what is a percolator bong? A percolator bong is a type of water pipe that has an additional water filtration system that diffuses the smoke through water to remove impurities and provide a smoother hit. This additional water filtration is made possible by the percolators. These small glass structures feature a series of small holes that break down the smoke into even smaller particles, creating more surface area for filtration and cooling. The result is a smoother smoking experience and a cleaner hit.

Glass Percolator Bong

How does a Percolator Bong Work?

How does it work? Percolator bongs work based on the principle of diffusion, which is the process of spreading smoke or gas across a large surface area to enhance filtration and cooling. The more surface area the smoke is spread across, the more interaction it has with the water, and the better the filtration and cooling. A percolator bong features a complex system of glass tubes and chambers that helps to diffuse the smoke, break it down into smaller particles, and pass it through a series of water chambers before it goes into the lungs.

Benefits of Percolator Bongs

The benefits of using a percolator bong are numerous. Apart from the smoothness and cleanliness of the smoke, percolator bongs have advantages over traditional bongs in several ways. First, they reduce the harshness of the smoke, which is essential for people who have sensitive lungs or are prone to coughing. Second, they enhance the flavor of the smoke, making it more enjoyable to inhale. Finally, percolator bongs are available in various designs, shapes, and sizes, making them customizable to suit individual preferences.

Glass Inline Percolator Bong

Disadvantages of Percolator Bongs

However, as with any other form of smoking, there are also drawbacks to using a percolator bong. The main disadvantage is the additional maintenance required due to the complexity of the bong. Percolator bongs have many chambers and intricate parts that require cleaning, which can be time-consuming and challenging to clean.


A percolator bong adds an extra layer of filtration, reducing the harshness of smoke produced while increasing the cooling effect while smoking. The additional filtration provided by percolator bongs offers an improved experience compared to traditional bongs. However, the complexity of percolator bongs means there is more effort required in cleaning and maintenance, but for smoking enthusiasts, it can be well worth it. In conclusion, if you are looking for a bong that provides a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience that is customizable to suit individual preferences, a percolator bong is an excellent choice for you.

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