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Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs have an extra water chamber in them to ensure a smooth user experience. There are different styles of them ranging from showerhead and honeycomb diffused ones to double and triple percolator bongs. Which ever you desire, we have you covered. We have several different style percolator bongs available in our online headshop for you to choose from.

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You can't beat the price

Quality pipes, great price, fast shipping,
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Love Dry Vape

I love my new dry vape, easy to use & love that I don't need to buy or use lighters!

Great glass

Gives a very smooth hit.

Well built.

I've never owned or used a dry herb vaporizer before this, however, this device seems to be well designed and engineered and was priced low or I wouldn't have tried it. It has three temperature settings but I use the highest, 420°F, because at lower temp's I don't seem to get anything. Keep in mind I'm new to this.
Overall: Well built, works fine and affordable. All good.