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Shopping Guide for Quartz Bangers

glass quartz bangers

This is our guide for quartz bangers. Quartz bangers are the most desired add on for dab rigs. They attach to the dab rig and get heated up to a very hot temperature to turn your essential oil into smoke. To use one, you need a dab rig to attach it to, a dab tool, and a hand torch to heat up the quartz banger. You apply heat to the quartz banger until it is hot enough to melt your oil, then your use a dab tool to drop your essential oil into the quartz banger.

Quartz Bangers are a relatively new development in the smoking industry and are one of the latest smoking items to come to market over the past couple of years. Before quartz bangers were introduced the more standard dab nail was used for dabbing. Quartz bangers are more desired to use for dab rigs because they work better than most standard dab nails and they are also affordable compared to some of the other options.

There are many different types of quartz bangers available on the market today. There are hundreds of different kinds that vary between different brands, joint size, joint type, glass thickness, and overall design. With all the different options for quartz bangers available on the market, it can sometimes be hard and overwhelming to find the right choice for you. To help alleviate this problem we will go in depth for you on all the different types of quartz bangers available, so you are able to find the right one.

Different Quartz Banger Designs

Quartz bangers come in many shapes and designs. The bucket size and overall style of a quartz banger can vary greatly. To help simplify this we will go over the most common quartz banger designs available on the market today.

Standard Quartz Banger

standard quartz banger

If you are looking for something basic to smoke your essential oils out of you can never go wrong with a standard quartz banger. This is the most common design of quartz banger and is the most popular among smokers. It is a no-frills quartz banger that has a simple design and a simple function. The top of this banger is angled down so you can easily get your dab tool into the bucket. This is most basic and simple quartz banger you can get.

Flat Top Quartz Banger

flat top quartz banger

A flat top quartz banger is like a standard quartz banger but does not have the top of the bucket angling down. This is because this banger is designed for those who like to use large amounts of oil when dabbing. The bigger bucket ensures oil does not easily splash out compared to a standard quartz banger. This banger is always a good option because it works well, holds lots of oil, and is also very affordable.

Thermal Quartz Banger

thermal quartz banger

Thermal quartz bangers are double wall glass bangers that are designed to maintain a more constant temperature when dabbing and allow users to take dabs at lower temperatures. This makes for smoother dabs that are less harsh compared to using a regular quartz banger. Double wall bangers have a big bucket, so you can load lots of essential oil. This type of quartz banger is more desired than the two listed above, however, it is pricier. It is also very common to use this banger with a carb cap as it helps to get maximum function out of the banger.

Core Reactor Quartz Banger

A core reactor quartz banger is a banger that has an extra piece of glass quartz in the bottom of the bucket. These types of bangers typically have an oversized bucket and includes a thick glass quartz dish at the bottom of the banger. This thick piece of glass helps the banger to retain its heat and not cool down so quickly. This is great for when you want to take multiple dabs because it will save you from having to fully heat up the quartz banger every time you use it. Instead of the quartz banger cooling down in between hits, it retains it temperature, so you do not have blow through all of the butane in your hand torch.

Other Quartz Bangers

Although the four types of bangers mentioned above (standard banger, flat top, thermal, and core reactor) are the most popular types of bangers available on the market, there are still tons of other designs that are available. These types of bangers are unique and different, and are not necessarily common among users. Other types of quartz bangers include “terp slurper” bangers with a dish on the bottom, splash guard bangers, beveled edge bangers, and more. These bangers are not as popular among users because the extra cost of these is not always worth the extra function. These types of bangers tend to be more expensive than other standard types of bangers.

Different Joints and Sizes

quartz banger joint sizes

The joint size is the diameter on the bottom part of the banger that gets inserted into the dab rig. There are basically three different joint sizes that bangers are made in: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. 14mm is the standard joint size for dab rigs and is most common. If you do not know what joint size banger you need, you can (read here on how to tell).

male and female joint quartz banger

There are also two different joints quartz bangers come in. You can get a male joint quartz banger or a female joint quartz banger. Male joint bangers are most common and fit inside the dab rig. Female joints on the other hand go over top of the dab rig. Depending on what dab rig you have will determine which joint connection you will need when purchasing a banger.

Different Thickness

quartz banger glass thickness

The buckets on quartz bangers also comes in different glass thickness. The most common types of glass thickness on quartz banger buckets are 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm. Generally speaking, glass thickness on a banger is not a major factor because they all still function the same. The only difference is that a banger with 2mm glass thickness heats up quicker but does not retain the heat as well. 4mm thick bangers take longer to heat up, are more durable, and retain their heat longer. 3mm quarts bangers are a happy medium between the two.

Different Angle Bends

45 degree 90 degree quartz bangers

Quartz bangers have different angle bends to accommodate different types of dab rigs. There are 90 degrees angle and 45 degrees angle quartz bangers. Depending on the dab rig you have will determine which one will work best. If the joint on your dab rig points straight up you will want a 90 degree banger, and if the joint on your dab rig comes out at an angle you will want a 45 degree banger.


There are several different add-ons you can get with your quartz banger. The first and most important is a dabber tool. This is needed to scoop your oil into the bucket of the quartz banger. Without this tool you will have a hard time using your banger and risk injuring yourself with a burn. Other items you can get are a carb cap, coiled heater, or terp pearls.

Carb Cap

Carb caps are great to use with your quartz banger. After you drop your essential oil into the banger bucket, you use the carb cap to cover the top of the banger to ensure any extra smoke does not escape. At times the smoke from your oil can leave the bucket and get wasted. This helps to prevent that.

Coiled Heater

This is a newer item that has just been introduced to the market at mass recently. It is a metal coil that wraps around the quartz banger and is heated up electronically. This lets you set the exact dabbing temperature you want on your banger and eliminates the use of a hand torch.

Terp Pearls

Terp pearls are small glass marbles that are made to sit in the bottom of the banger bucket and move the oil around when the user is inhaling. This helps the oil to burn evenly and gives the user a better overall experience.


Quartz bangers are the number one accessory for dab rigs to use for smoking essential oils. There are different designs, joint sizes, and joint connections for quartz bangers. There are also different add-ons you can get for them. Overall, though, they all function similarly. They burn your essential oils for you so you can enjoy a nice smoke. If you want more information on different dabbing accessories, click here for the best dabbing accessories.

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