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Top 10 Best Bong Brands of 2024

Purchasing a bong is more than just buying a smoking device; it's an investment in craftsmanship and the smoking culture. With the market filled with choices, we've rounded up the top ten bong brands that consistently deliver quality, style, and a superior smoking experience. Whether you favor percolators, ice-catchers, or custom-blown glass, these brands offer an array of options to suit every personal preference and elevate your smoking session. Here's your guide to the pinnacle of bong manufacturing.

1. Bio Hazard Glass: Innovation Meets Resilience

bio hazard brand glass bong
Bio Hazard Glass is synonymous with cutting-edge innovation and unbreakable resilience. They are known for crafting some of the toughest bongs on the market, thanks to their use of borosilicate glass, which is incredibly durable even under high temperatures and atypical use. Their products range from classic straight-tube bongs to more intricate and artistic percolator designs. The premium nature of their manufacturing processes results in bongs that offer smooth hits and a long lifespan.

-Flagship Product: Bio Hazard Straight Tube

The Bio Hazard Straight Tube is a robust piece admired by many and a go-to choice for those who value simplicity with a hard-hitting impact. Its design minimizes drag, allowing for a clear, effortless draw. This flagship product is a perfect example of the brand's promise of durability married with functionality.

2. MJ Arsenal: The Compact Innovator

mj arsenal brand bong
MJ Arsenal revolutionizes the bong scene with their focus on compactness without sacrificing cooling power. Each of their products is designed to deliver a cooler, smoother hit in a travel-friendly size. One look at their line and you'll see elegantly crafted mini rigs and bubblers inspired by timeless design and the latest trends in smoking technology.

-Flagship Product: MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig

The MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig is an all-time favorite, offering a perfect balance between form and function. The mini rig effectively diffuses the smoke for a potent yet smooth hit. With its stylish and understated look, it's ideal for those who want to class up their smoking routine without taking up too much space.

3. Higher Standards: A Name to Live Up To

higher standards brand bong
Living up to its name, Higher Standards has earned a reputation for producing bongs that set a new bar for the industry. They approach the art of glass-blowing with a reverence for traditional craftsmanship and a keen eye for modern aesthetics. Each Higher Standards bong assures a sophisticated smoking experience, with a focus on using high-grade materials to accentuate the best features of the plant.

-Flagship Product: Higher Standards Beaker Bong

The Higher Standards Beaker Bong is a standout product that embodies the brand's ethos. The beaker-style base allows for a large volume of water to cool and filter smoke, resulting in a smooth draw. This bong is perfect for anyone who seeks elegance and functionality in their smoking apparatus.

4. Marley Natural: A Legacy of Cool

marley natural brand bong
Marley Natural pays tribute to the legendary Bob Marley with their high-quality smoking accessories, including bongs that exude the timeless cool associated with the Marley name. Their bongs are a celebration of natural materials, combining sustainably sourced wood with hand-blown glass to create a line of products that are not just stunning to look at but also feel great in your hands.

-Flagship Product: Marley Natural Smoked Beaker Bong

The Marley Natural Smoked Beaker Bong features a beaker-shaped base made from borosilicate glass and a downstem diffuser for a smooth, flavorful draw. But it's the smoked glass color and the sustainably grown black walnut wood accents that turn this bong into a work of art that you'd proudly display in your collection.

5. Empire Glassworks: Artistry in Glass

empire glassworks brand bong
Empire Glassworks stands out for its commitment to fusing art and function. Their bong collection is a testament to the creativity of their glass artists, featuring stunning, handcrafted designs that often take inspiration from nature and pop culture. Beyond their artistic appeal, Empire Glassworks products maintain excellent functionality, with precision in filtration and smoothness in every draw.

-Flagship Product: Empire Glassworks Mario Themed Bong

The Empire Glassworks Mario Themed Bong is a prime example of the brand's artistry. Each piece is a hand-blown masterpiece, with characters from the iconic video game adorning the glasswork. The bong also comes equipped with a removable down stem for easy cleaning and a built-in ice catcher, ensuring an enjoyable, icy-cold hit every time.

6. Groove Glass: Sleek and Harmonious

Groove Glass Brand Bong
Groove Glass sets the bar for modern, sleek design and harmony in function. Their lineup of products offers a unique, seamless combination of contemporary aesthetics and smoking technology. Groove Glass bongs are not only visually striking due to their clear, clean lines and minimalist decor but also prove to be workhorses in providing a superior smoking experience.

-Flagship Product: Groove Glass Water Pipe with Honeycomb Percolator

The Groove Glass Water Pipe with Honeycomb Percolator embodies elegance and efficiency with its clean, understated design and advanced percolation system. The honeycomb percolator ensures optimal smoke dispersion for a smoother, cooler hit. This bong is a choice pick for those who appreciate a modern, functional design that also doubles as a chic home accessory.

7. GRAV Labs: The Science of Smoking

GRAV labs brand bong
GRAV Labs approaches bong creation with the precision of a scientist. Each GRAV bong is a testament to the brand's dedication to the science of smoke, featuring innovative designs and unbeatable function. Known for inventing the world’s first all-glass bong, GRAV Labs continues to pioneer new styles and accessories that optimize the smoking experience.

-Flagship Product: GRAV Labs Stax System

The GRAV Labs Stax System is a modular bong system that allows you to customize your smoking experience. By stacking various percolators and mouthpieces, users can create their ideal bong experience. This system is perfect for those who value versatility and personalization in their smoking experience.

8. Eyce: When Durability Meets Innovation

eyce brand silicone bong
Eyce is all about unbreakable silicone bongs that redefine durability without skimping on the cool factor. Their bongs are made from FDA-approved silicone, making them nearly indestructible and highly resistant to heat. In addition to their resilience, Eyce bongs are packed with innovative features, such as hidden storage compartments and integrated tool holders, making them perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts.

-Flagship Product: Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong

The Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong is the perfect travel companion for those who want to enjoy a smoke session wherever they go. This bong can be rolled up or folded, so it's nearly impossible to break. The beaker base still allows for a good water capacity, ensuring a smooth hit, and the built-in storage ensures you’ve got everything you need in one place.

9. Diamond Glass: Classic Style with a Touch of Bling

diamond glass brand bong
Diamond Glass brings a touch of luxury to the bong scene with their classic designs and premium finishes. The brand is recognized for combining pristine glasswork with a little bling, often incorporating diamond-cut patterns and brilliant detailing into their pieces. Despite their opulent appearance, Diamond Glass bongs maintain a reputation for smooth, consistent pulls and an easy cleaning process.

-Flagship Product: Diamond Glass Straight Tube

The Diamond Glass Straight Tube is an iconic product that combines classic smoking technology with a touch of glamour. Its sturdy design can handle daily use, while the straight tube ensures a direct, unobstructed hit. For those who want a bong that's not just a conversation starter but also a reliable performer, this is a top choice.

10. My Bud Vase: The Elegance of Disguise

my bud vase brand bong
My Bud Vase takes a novel approach to bong design, disguising them as elegant vases. Their tagline, "modern and classic art for your home," rings true as their bongs could easily be mistaken for high-end home decor. These vases hide a detachable bong inside, allowing users to enjoy a sophisticated smoking experience without the traditional, somewhat stark appearance of a regular bong.

-Flagship Product: My Bud Vase Phoebe Water Pipe

The My Bud Vase Phoebe Water Pipe is a striking example of the brand's innovation. Featuring an ornate pink and gold-coated vase and an antique-style decanter stopper, it's a piece that speaks of refined taste. Inside, the water chamber and down stem provide the functionality of a bong, ensuring an enjoyable smoke without compromising your interior design aesthetic.


Choosing the right bong is a personal decision that combines individual taste with functional needs. With these top ten bong brands, you're guaranteed to find a piece that not only speaks to you visually but also enhances every smoke session with the smoothest, most refreshing experience possible. Explore these brands further and immerse yourself in the joy of owning a bong that represents the very best in cannabis culture and craftsmanship.

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