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What to Know About a Reclaim Catcher

Reclaim Catcher


A reclaim catcher is beneficial for any one who likes to dab often. They are the perfect attachment for your dab rig and can save you money. On top of that, they act as a cleaning agent for your dab rig by helping to provide a filter like an ash catcher would. There are a lot of different reclaim catchers available and this is a guide that goes over the different joint sizes, angles bends, and types of reclaim catchers.

Reclaim Catcher Sizes

There are three main reclaim catcher joint sizes that attach to dab rigs and they are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. This refers to the diameter of the glass that attaches to the dab rig.


Reclaim catchers with a 10mm joint size are rare and hard to find. Typically, dab rigs that are small in height have these joint sizes and they are not able to carry the weight of a reclaim catcher. For that reason, not too many reclaim catchers are made with a 10mm joint size. If you do happen to find one they are small to match their counterpart dab rigs.


A lot of dab rigs are equipped with 14mm glass joints and this seems to be the most popular size for reclaim catchers. This joint size provides enough air flow for a good smoke while at the same time not being too overbearing.


18mm reclaim catchers are used for bigger dab rigs that provide a big hit. These have more airflow than the rest and allow for your dab rig to function nicely without hindering it.

Reclaim Catcher Angle Bends

The right angle bend on your reclaim catcher is crucial to making it function properly. With the wrong angle bend, you can have leakage or just no collection at all.

90 Degree Reclaim Catcher

Most dab rigs have a 90 degree angle bend or close to it. This is when the down stem for your rig or bong stands straight up and is perpendicular to the water chamber on your pipe. For that reason, this angle bend of reclaim catcher is the most popular and fits the most dab rigs. This is also a great angle bend because the curve catches more reclaim and does not allow it to drip through.

45 Degree Reclaim Catcher

Using a reclaim catcher with a 45 degree bend is ideal for small bongs and those alike. A lot of bongs have a 45-degree angle bend with their down stem and this reclaim catcher works perfectly for that. It also fits dab rigs with a similar angle bend.

Male vs Female Reclaim Catcher

Having a male joint or female joint reclaim catcher is totally up to preference and both functions ideally depending on what dab rig kit you have.

Male Joint

Male glass joint reclaim catchers are the most sought after because they fit more dab rigs than female reclaim catchers. With a male joint reclaim catcher, the bottom end of the glass joint is covered by the insertion hole and the reclaim catcher sits inside of the dab rig.

Female Joint

Although not as common as male reclaim catchers, female reclaim catchers are still desired and used by many smokers. They cover the top of the connecting joint and sit on top of the dab rig. The one thing about female reclaim catchers is they sometimes get dirtier and stickier around the joint area of the reclaim catcher when compared to male joints.

Different Types of Reclaim Catchers

Picking the right type of reclaim catcher for your dab rig will help to compliment it nicely. The functions and looks of these reclaim catchers differ so you need to make sure to choose one that will work on your dab rig.

Reclaim Catcher with Silicone Dish

Reclaim Catcher with Silicone Dish

By far the most popular type of reclaim catcher is the reclaim catcher with detachable silicone dish on the bottom. This design is so convenient and effective that it is hard to beat. To be honest, if you have a dab rig that will work with this reclaim catcher then we recommend it for you. Bottom line is that it is easy to clean, and easy to collect your left over reclaim. The silicone dish stays on with suction to ensure an airtight seal while at the same time making it easy to remove. Once you take the silicone dish off, you can collect your reclaim and effectively clean the inside of the glass with no problem.

Reclaim Catcher with Dab Nail

Reclaim Catcher with Dab Nail

This is an all in one connection glass unit that can connect directly to your dab rig and will be ready to go. This reclaimer includes a glass drop down, reclaim catcher dish, dab nail, glass dome, and plastic attachment clip. This reclaim catcher is a perfect set and will help ease with having to buy all the parts separately.

Drop Down Reclaim Catcher

Drop Down Reclaim Catcher

The drop down reclaim catcher is an original design and was one of the first reclaim catchers on the market. They are exceptionally reliable and high quality as they are made of all glass. Many glass drop downs have plastic clips where you are able to attach and detach the glass jar that connects to the reclaim catcher. Reputable companies such as Lava Tech, Grav Labs, Bougie Glass, and others have made these types of reclaim catchers. If you want a drop down reclaim catcher, we recommend buying a name brand to ensure the glass work is of good quality.

Nectar Collector with Reclaim Catcher

Nectar Collector with Reclaim Catcher

This is a 2 in 1 nectar collector with built in reclaim catcher . This type of reclaim catcher is most convenient to use because you literally have the reclaim catcher attached to your nectar collector. Like the reclaim catcher with silicone dish, the bottom of this removes so you have access to the inside glass.

Closing Thoughts

Admittedly, buying a reclaim catcher for your dab rig can be hard. With new designs and companies coming out with new products constantly, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Hopefully this guide will provide you some knowledge and help you choose the right reclaim catcher for your dab rig.



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