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Why Kings Pipes is the Best Online Headshop

Best Online Headshop

Kings Pipes is the best online headshop to shop for glass bongs, hand pipes, dab rigs, and other smoking accessories. We have been serving our customers since 2012 and pride our selves on being the best online headshop. Our journey did not come easy and has taken trial and error to get where we are currently at. Over time we developed our store so that our customers could have an easy and pleasant shopping experience. We have become the best online headshop over time due to our superior customer service, great products, quality control, product variety, and overall positive shopping experience.

Customer Service

Customer service with online stores is always a dicey thing. Sure, most big companies like Walmart and Amazon provide decent customer service, but what about smaller companies? Many smaller companies do not have the resources required and fall behind on their customer service. Well not us! We pride ourselves with working with our customers to ensure their needs are met. We have a quick reply time for emails and typically can get back within 1 business day. Unlike other online headshops, we also have a very forgiving and friendly return policy that gives customers up to 30 days to return their items. That is longer than other shops like us and gives customers ample time to return the product. We accept returns even if there is nothing wrong with the product. If you receive the product and simply do not like it, you are able to return it for a full refund. Our team of customer service representatives combined with our friendly return policies makes Kings Pipes customer service some of the best anywhere.

Good Products

We only carry high quality products that meet our standard in our online headshop. We have very nice brand name glass companies that we work with to provide high quality glass for our store. Since we are located in Southern California where many other glass blowers are, we have easy access to some of the best glass in the world. We are partnered with brands like Empire Glassworks, Diamond Glass, GRAV Labs, and others to provide only the best glass bongs and pipes in our store. Even our unbranded glass items are thoroughly checked and tested before entering our product line up. We know how frustrating it can be to buy something online only to receive something far inferior to what was pictured. That absolutely does not happen with us and all the products in our line up are of good glass quality.

Quality Control

Have you ordered glass products online only to have it come broken or cracked? We would imagine the answer is yes. Although that is bound to happen when shipping glass around the country, we take extra preventative measures to make sure that does not happen. Before every item in our online headshop is packaged for shipping, we carefully check it for any defects. If the item has any type of crack, chip, or other defect we do not send it out. The only items that get shipped from our warehouse are items that are 100% perfect with no defects. To boot, we double wrap our products before shipping to make sure they do not get broken or damaged during shipment. This helps to keep our customers happy by delivering quality products with an efficient shipping method.

Large Variety

We have a large selection of items across the board in all our product categories. For bongs, we have everything from big bongs to small bongs, and cheap bongs to expensive bongs. We have lots of hand pipes including themed pipes, spoon pipes, and more. Our vaporizer selection and other smoking categories also have an extensive line up and provide items for all our customers. We do not just specialize in one genre of smoking products; we carry everything so everyone can find something for them. This makes us a one stop shop where you can get just about everything you need right here and do not have to hassle going to several different shops.

Secure Checkout

Cyber security has been a big issue over the past couple of years and putting your information online can sometimes be an uncertain thing. That is absolutely not the case with us. Our website server is one of the best and most secure platforms to ensure all information stays private within our company. We have our website protected and maintained by McAfee to help prevent hackers and other cyber security threats from infiltrating our system. When you shop at Kings Pipes online headshop, you can be sure all of your private information will be safe. We also do not sell or give away ANY of our customers’ information and all transactions are confidential between Kings Pipes and the customer only.

Fast Free Shipping

Fast and free shipping may sound too good to be true, but that is not the case at Kings Pipes. Every product on our online headshop is eligible for free US shipping with no strings attached. There is no minimum purchase, no emailing list you must sign up for, and no information you must give. No matter how big or heavy the item is, if you live in the US we ship it for free. For most standard items, the package gets delivered within 2-5 business days, but some arrive even sooner. We also have fast processing and fulfill orders with 24 business hours of purchase. This is unlike other online headshops that have a shipping charge and a slow processing time.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking to shop on an online headshop then there is no better place than Kings Pipes. We truly work hard to make our customers happy and strive for perfection. Our quality products, good customer service, large selection of inventory, and other attributing factors set us above the rest of the other online headshops. If you want the best online shopping experience for smoking accessories and more, than shop here at Kings Pipes.   

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