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Advantages of Small Mini Bongs

Smoking is a personal preference, and everyone has their own ways of enjoying it. For many smokers, mini bongs are their go-to accessories. There are many reasons for choosing small-sized bongs over their bigger counterparts.

In this post, we will discuss the advantages of using small mini bongs for smoking. If you are a smoker looking for the right tool, then this guide is for you.

small mini glass bong

Easy to Carry

One of the main advantages of using small mini bongs is their portability. These bongs are smaller in size and can easily fit in your pocket or bag. They are perfect for smokers who love to travel or enjoy smoking outside. Unlike big bongs, small bongs are easy to carry and use wherever you go.

Smooth Hits

Contrary to popular belief, small mini bongs provide the same smooth hits as big bongs. Some are even equipped with a percolator that filters the smoke and cools it down before you inhale it. The cooling process reduces the harshness of the smoke and ensures you enjoy the same quality smoke hits as you would with big bongs.

Easy to Clean

Another advantage of using small mini bongs is that they are easy to clean. These bongs are smaller in size, which means they have fewer parts and require less effort to clean. Since they don't trap much smoke, small bongs never get too dirty. You can easily disassemble them, clean the parts with a cleaning solution and assemble them again to enjoy smoking.

Cheaper than Big Bongs

A small mini bong is a great option for budget-conscious smokers. Unlike big bongs, which can get pretty expensive, small bongs are more affordable and functional. They don't compromise on quality and provide the same smoking experience as bigger bongs. If you're on a tight budget, you should consider investing in a small mini bong to satisfy your smoking needs.

Variety of Designs

Small mini bongs come in a variety of designs and styles. These bongs' small size makes them perfect for experimentation with fun designs and combinations. You can get a small bong in different materials like glass or silicone, and you can choose from a range of colors and shapes. Experimenting with different designs is a fun way to enhance your smoking experience.

Different Types and Styles of Mini Bongs

Mini bongs are not just limited to one design. There are tons of different mini bongs available that vary in different aspects. Here, we'll discuss the various types and styles of mini bongs available on the market.

Beaker Bongs

beaker base small mini glass bong

Beaker bongs are a classic style that many smokers are familiar with. They are named after their shape, which resembles a beaker used in a lab. Beaker bongs are a popular choice for those who want a mini bong with a larger base for stability. They can hold more water than other mini bongs, resulting in cooler hits.

Recycler Bongs

Recycler bongs are a relatively new style that have become popular with both novice and experienced smokers. They feature a complex design that includes multiple chambers, water cycles, and percolators, resulting in extremely smooth hits. While recycler bongs can be larger than other mini bongs, they are still compact and easy to transport.

Straight Tube Bongs

straight tube small mini glass bong

Straight tube bongs are another popular mini bong style. As the name suggests, they are a straight tube with a mouthpiece and bowl on top. They are typically more compact than beaker bongs and have a smaller base, making them easier to handle and transport. Although straight tube bongs can hold less water, they offer a more direct hit, which many smokers prefer.

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are a unique and unconventional mini bong style. They are made of silicone rather than glass and are incredibly durable and resistant to breaking. Silicone bongs are great for travel, outdoor activities, and clumsy smokers. While they may not offer the same level of filtration as some glass bongs, silicone bongs can still deliver smooth hits with the added benefit of being virtually indestructible.

Mini Dab Rigs

Mini dab rigs are mini bongs that are specifically designed for dabbing concentrate. They are similar in style to bongs but have a different bowl piece that can hold nails or bangers. Mini dab rigs are great for those who want to get the most out of their concentrates without the added bulk of a larger rig.

10 Best Mini Bongs

See our list for the 10 best mini bongs! If you want to shop for a mini bong online now, look below to see our recommendations for the best mini bongs available. The list is in no particular order. 

#1 Higher Standards Mini Bong

Higher Standards Small Mini Glass Bong

This Mini Bong by Higher Standards is made with 7mm thick glass. It is a bong kit that also comes with a quartz banger.

#2 Round Bottom Mini Bong

Round Bottom Base Glass Small Mini Bong


The Round Bottom Mini Bong is a good quality bong for a cheap price. It is an 8-inch-tall bong with all clear glass and a round bottom water chamber.

#3 Empire Glassworks Hot Sauce Mini Bong

Empire Glassworks hot sauce small mini bong

This stylish Hot Sauce Mini Bong by Empire Glassworks features vibrant colors and a cool design. It is the perfect size mini bong, standing about 5 inches in height.

#4 Raked Classic Mini Bong

mini small glass bong

The Raked Classic Mini Bong has a classic design and color scheme. It is an 8-inch beaker bong with a green raked design around the base.

#5 Groove Round Mini Bong

Groove Glass round base small mini bong

Up your smoking game with this Groove Glass Round Bottom Mini Bong. This 7-inch bong is all clear with black color accents. It is beautifully crafted by Groove Glass.

#6 Groove Straight Tube Rig Mini Bong

Groove Glass Rig Mini Bong

This Groove Glass Hybrid Water Pipe is the perfect mini bong or dab rig. It comes with a bowl slide and quartz banger so you can use it however you like. It is made by Groove Glass.

#7 Higher Standards Riggler

Higher Standards Riggler

The Riggler by Higher Standards is a bong, bubbler, and dab rig all in one. It is made with thick, clear glass that is very durable.

#8 Classic Dab Rig

mini classic dab rig

This Classic Mini Dab Rig can also be used as a mini bong with a bowl slide. It has a raked color design and bell-shaped water chamber. It stands about 5 to 6 inches tall.

#9 Mini Beaker Bong with Color Trim

glass beaker color trim small mini bong

The 8-inch Glass Beaker Bong with Color Trim is a standard mini glass smoking bong. It has a glass-on-glass down stem and bowl connection and has color accents to give the bong extra flare.

#10 Sake Bottle Bubbler

sake bottle mini bong bubbler

The Sake Bottle Bubbler is one of the more unique bongs on the list. As the title suggests, it is shaped like a bottle of sake and made with clear, thick glass. This mini bong is about 6 inches tall.


Choosing the right bong for smoking is crucial, and small mini bongs offer numerous benefits. These bongs are portable, equipped with percolators, easy to clean, and affordable. There are also many types and styles of mini bongs available on the market to suit every smoker's preference. Whether you're into classic beaker bongs or unconventional silicone bongs, there is a mini bong out there for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced smoker or just starting, small bongs are a great way to enjoy smoking.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand the different types and styles of mini bongs available, making it easier for you to find the perfect one for your next smoking session. Remember to always use your mini bong responsibly and in accordance with local laws and regulations. Happy smoking!

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