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Best Dab Rig Kits for Both Beginners & Advanced Users

This is a list of the best Dab Rig Kits we have available in our Online Headshop. We have both beginner and advanced dab rig kits for sale in our store to ensure you can find one that fits you best.

Purchasing a dab rig kit is beneficial when you are starting from scratch and need all new supplies for dabbing. Whether you are advanced or a beginner, there are dab rig kits available that can suit you best. If you are looking for something minimal, you probably want a basic dab rig bundle that has just the essentials you need to get started. If you have a little more money to splurge with and want something more sophisticated than a more advanced dab rig kit might be best for you.

#1 Starter Dab Rig Kit

starter beginner dab rig kit

If you are looking for a basic dab rig kit than this bundle will be perfect for you. This starter dab rig kit has some of the essential items that many use when dabbing.

It comes with a nicely made shower head dab rig, 4mm thick quartz banger 14mm male, two mini silicone storage jars for essential oils, and a metal dabber/carb cap combo tool. All in all, this is a great starter kit that provides you with what is needed to get started at a great price. At $49.99, this bundle is great bargain.

#2 Dab Rig Kit with Reclaim Catcher

dab rig kit with reclaim catcher


This is one of the most popular dab rig kits we have for sale in our online headshop. It is simple and works like a charm. This dab rig kit with Reclaim Catcher includes a honeycomb percolator dab rig standing 6 inches tall, a 4mm thick quartz banger 14mm male, and a 14mm glass reclaim catcher.

The reclaim catcher in this kit works great and actually saves you money in the long run by collecting your left over reclaim oil so you are able to reuse it again. It also helps by working as an ash catcher and keeps your dab rig clean. Instead of the left over oil falling into your rig and making it dirty, it is collected by the reclaim catcher. The reclaim catcher has a silicone jar that can come apart so you can easily clean the unit as well as collect the left over reclaim oil. There are even more Benefits of Using a Reclaim Catcher. Overall, this kit is simple, effective, and one of the best deals we have available in our store.

#3 Dab Rig Kit with Reclaim Catcher 2.0

dab rig kit with glass reclaim catcher


Our Dab Rig Kit with Reclaim Catcher 2.0 Kit is filled with goodies and gives you everything you need in a great dab rig kit. This kit is recommended for more advanced users and is filled with more items than any other dab rig kit in our online headshop.

The kit includes our 6-inch-tall honeycomb dab rig, 14mm reclaim catcher with silicone dish, double wall thermal quartz banger 14mm male, stainless steel dabber tool, and directional glass bubble carb cap. This dab rig kit is efficient and provides all the essentials one would need. The thermal quartz banger helps to provide a good and smooth use, while the honeycomb rig and rest of the kit complement each other nicely. For under $100, this dab rig kit is one of the best and cheaply priced you will find anywhere online.

#4 Glass Nectar Collector Full Kit

Nectar Collector Dab Rig Kit

Our glass nectar collector full kit is not technically a “dab rig kit” so to speak, but it had to make our listed because this is truly an awesome kit for dabbing! If you want something that is easily portable and safe to travel with than this nectar collector dab rig kit is perfect for you! This kit has what you need to dab with a nectar collector.

It comes with a main body water chamber, stainless steel dab nail, 2 glass connector straws, and a glass essential oil dish. It is also packaged in a nice foam cut out carrying box so you can easily take this on the go without having to worry about breaking any glass. This is also a very cheaply priced dab rig kit, so you can purchase this one even if you are on a budget.

#5 Heady Dab Rig Kit with Reclaim Catcher

heady dab rig kit with reclaim catcher

This is the classiest and most eloquent dab rig kit we have available in our online headshop. This heady dab rig kit with reclaim catcher looks beautiful and functions just as good as it looks. The heady dab rig is a piece of art in itself and has lots of amazing glass details that smokers of all kinds can appreciate. Though this dab rig is a little pricey compared to others in our online headshop, you truly get what you pay for.

This dab rig kit includes a beautifully crafted heady dab rig with diffused percolator, 4mm thick quartz banger 14mm male, and 14mm glass reclaim catcher with silicone dish. When you purchase a heady dab rig, it is best if you do not have to clean it often so you can minimize than chances of breaking any glass. The reclaim catcher attachment helps keep your dab rig clean so only minimal cleaning is required. If you want a beautiful dab rig kit, then this one will be perfect.

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