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Best Smoking Accessories to Take on a Road Trip

best smoking accessories

If you are traveling or taking a trip somewhere, you need to make sure you are equipped with all the right gear. You know how important this is if you have ever been on a trip and was stranded without the right smoking accessories. Well, we got you covered on this and show you the best smoking accessories to take when you are on the go. These accessories help to make smoking easy and convenient when traveling.

Rolling Tray

rolling tray smoking accessory

A rolling tray will help to prevent any mess while getting prepared to smoke. Whether you need to grind your material or roll one up, using a rolling tray makes sure any loose impediments stay on the tray. These are perfect if you do not have a surface area to work on or cannot afford to have any spillage. They are also great to use in cars and hotels.


plastic herb grinder smoking accessory

An herb grinder is essential to have when traveling on the go. This breaks down your material nicely and allows for a better smoke. Sometimes when you are traveling time can be of the essence. Grinders allow you to break down your material more easily and efficiently. This saves you time and keeps your hands and fingers from getting all sticky. This is important because when traveling you do not always have access to wash your hands, so keeping them clean when smoking is definitely a plus.

Roller Papers

rolling papers smoking accessories

Rolling papers should be a staple for any smoker to take on a road trip. Rolling papers provide a quick and easy way to smoke and are more incognito compared to other methods. They are also easy to carry around without being detected. You can hold them in cigarette packs, mini dube tubes, or just put them straight in your pocket. Papers are the best for using if you want a very, very quick smoke. You can prep with papers so if you know you are going out somewhere when on your trip, you can prepare and roll a couple up. That way when your out and about you have access to a quick and easy smoke.

Rolling Machine

joint rolling machine smoking accessories

A rolling machine, as it implies, is a machine for rolling up joints or cigarettes. It makes the process a lot easier and provides a more consistent product. If you are not great at rolling up yourself, then one of these would be perfect for you. These are great when traveling as it helps to keep things clean and just in general makes the rolling process a lot easier.

Hand Pipe

glass hand pipe smoking accessories

Using a hand pipe is probably the most classic method of smoking. They always work good and never disappoint. A hand pipe is a great travel companion because they are small and can easily be concealed or carried. They have simple function so they can quickly be used when smoking. They don’t require water there is no prep time with hand pipes. You simply load your material in the smoking bowl and you are good to light up. Having access to a pipe where you can smoke quickly is crucial when traveling, because for the most part, if you are traveling you do not have the luxury of a very long smoke session.

Mini Bong

mini glass bong smoking accessories

If you insist on smoking out of a pipe with water filtration, we recommend you bring a mini bong with you. Although many people bring bigger bongs on vacation with them, we do not necessarily recommend that due to the higher risk of it breaking during travel. A mini bubbler bong is more compact and just generally speaking easier to carry around. They are also convenient because if you do not have access to water to fill the chamber, you can use it as a dry pipe. Since it does not have a super big air chamber it will smoke like a dry hand pipe.

Ash Tray

push down ash tray smoking accessories

Cleanliness is super important if you are smoking while traveling. Whether you are in a car, a hotel room, or on vacation at your family’s house, you don’t want to be that person that leaves a mess somewhere. In fact, hotel rooms will even charge you for it! So to help keep your smoking place clean it is always good to have an ashtray available just in case you do not have anywhere to throw your ash. In particular we think the push down ash tray is the best option because not only does it give you a place to put your ash, but it also has a lid that covers it and prevents any ash from getting blown out.

Vape Pen

yocan evolve d dry herb pen smoking accessories

Vape pens have come a long, long way over the past couple of years. They are constantly evolving with new designs and better function. Now a days, there are thousands of different types of vape pens on the market with many different name brands. One of the main reasons they are so popular is because they are easy to use, conspicuous, and they work well. For all those reasons a vape pen is a great travel companion. In particular, these are perfect for all you essential oil users and dab kings out there. Vape pens make smoking essential oil super easy. They can also fit into your pocket so they are easy to carry around. Overall, if you want to use essential oils on your trip, we recommend getting an oil filled vape pen.

Nectar Collector with Reclaim Catcher

nectar collector smoking accessories

Using a nectar collector with reclaim catcher is another way to smoke essential oils. If you are not a fan of vape pens and want to take a dab the old fashion way, we recommend taking this on your road trip. Although some people may like a more traditional style dab rig for dabbing, this nectar collector with reclaim catcher works just as well and is much easier to travel with. It is small and compact and does not require to be filled up with water. To use, you just heat up the glass nail and touch it down directly to your essential oils. One down fall about the nectar collector with reclaim catcher is the process to use it takes some time, and you also need a hand torch. Despite that, it is still one of the best options when it comes to dabbing the old fashion way when travelling.


At some point everyone travels in their life. When traveling, you need to make sure you are fully equipped with all the goods. If you are a smoker, you need to strategically pick your gear. Items like rolling papers and a hand pipe are great because you can quickly and conveniently use them to smoke. Rolling trays and ash trays help to keep your smoking clean without making a mess. Other items like rolling machines and grinders help to make the process more convenient. Overall, all the items on this list serve their purpose and are great to use when traveling or on the go.

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