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Our Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Grinder

Our Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Grinder

Many people prefer to clean their smoking accessories only when they have to. The first things to clean are often bongs and pipes. If your friend comes by to enjoy some smoking and believes that your bong is disgusting, you will know it is time to pull out some cleaning solutions. However, it is often hard to remember to clean your grinder, even if you have several weeks of resin building up, which can make it unusable.

Types of Grinders

There are many kinds of grinders, and the type that you have will determine the right way for you to clean it. Plastic grinders are one of the more common kinds, and they do not cost a lot to manufacture. That means that many companies can create them easily, and some companies even choose to give away plastic grinders at areas like fairs and other fun events.

Metal grinders can be more expensive, but they can also last longer than other kinds. Plus, they are easier to clean and there are several kinds to choose from.

Wooden ones are often used by users who like to have a natural experience. Some have engravings on them, and if you maintain them well, they might last for many years to come. This includes ensuring that they stay clean since built-up gunk can cause the tool to stick permanently.

Quick grinders are metal and are made with some of the finer materials. They often have great finishes and external buttons so you can ensure that they stay cleaner.

Electric grinders are often comfortable to use since they can work with just the push of a button. On the other hand, grinder cards are fairly simple to use, and you use them similarly to a cheese grater.

Some people choose to use a grinder with a pollinator. They have a lower chamber, which you will also need to clean. You might also have a grinder clock, which looks similar to a watch. But it is a smaller one that has a simple grinder, which is often not noticeable. While it might seem easier to clean a smaller grinder, it can actually be harder since there are more nooks and crannies.

With a homemade grinder, some people choose to use caps or everyday objects. While they can work in some cases, they do not always work well. Even though it can be easier to just toss it when it gets dirty, this is not always the best option. Plus, it can be a lot of work and involve some cost to make your grinder at home.

Some people choose to use a grinder with storage in it. It is a mix of a grinder and a jar. This is made from resistant and hard plastic, and it is practical for many people. You want to make sure that you can clean the jar as well. Finally, a grinder with a mill has a crank that you turn, and some of them also have a pollinator in them. While some people like the options that this kind of grinder offers, it can also take longer to clean since there are more parts that you have to take apart.

Types of Grinders

Why to Clean Your Grinder

It does take some dedication and time to keep your grinder clean. But you might decide that keeping your grinder clean can make it easier to maintain it in the future. You do not have to worry about getting expensive cleaning supplies. It does not have to drain your savings account to keep your accessories sparkling clean and sanitary.

You might have a to-do list that includes cleaning your grinder. But you might be surprised by the amount that it can improve your smoking experience. For example, many people feel that cleaning their grinders can offer a better smoking experience. When it is gunked up, it is harder to get a clean and fine grind. That means that you will not get much accumulation at the bottom.

Cleaning your grinder may help to extend its life. If you have never cleaned it before, you might have had to toss one in the past because of damage from using it too much. Over time, you might have noticed that stickiness built up that caused the teeth to snap off or to at least become dull. You may even end up with bits of metal mixed in with the final product. That is because having a strain on the metal teeth of the grinder can make it deteriorate, and you will likely not notice immediately.

When you keep the grinder clean, the organic matter in it will not break down, and you might avoid having bacteria or mold growth. Not everyone finds that this happens, but it is a real possibility. You can help yourself out by making sure that you clean the grinder properly.

When the grinder is effective, you might also save some money. With a cleaner grinder, you can do a more effective job. Once you remove the residue, nothing is very likely to stick to the inside. When it grinds well, you can avoid wasting anything inside of it.

You might find that your grinder also lasts longer. It will be easier for you to use since there will not be any gunk built in. That way, you will not accidentally break it. Plus, it will be an easier experience for you.

Cleaning the Lower Chamber

To clean out the accumulated junk, you should unscrew the lower part of the chamber from it. You can use a small spatula or a spike to scrape out the inside of it. Sometimes, the mesh can trap some of the sticky substance. Place that on some parchment paper before you begin so you can contain the mess.

How Often to Clean Your Grinder

How Often to Clean Your Grinder

Besides wondering how you should clean a grinder, you might also be wondering when you should clean your grinder. You should do it about every 30 to 60 days. Of course, this depends on how often you are using the grinder. If you use it each day, then you might find that there is a buildup on the surface more often, so you might have to clean it more often.

However, if you use it only a couple of times each month, you can most likely clean it every couple of months. You just do not want to let the organic matter sit too long in it, so you should not let it go much longer than 60 days to ensure that no mold begins to grow.

The Parts to Clean

If you are wondering what parts you should clean in the grinder, you will need to clean every part of it. But it is good to know about that since some grinders might have more to them than others. So, knowing more about them will help you make sure that you completely get it taken apart.

Basic grinders consist of two pieces. There are a lid and a grinding bowl, which is known as a single-chamber or a two-piece grinder. In the chamber and sometimes in the lid, there are teeth, which are also known as pegs. They are what does the grinding. All you have to do is fill it up, place the lid on, and you will be ready to go. This is how most grinders work, but many of them are more complicated than that.

The two-chamber or the three-piece grinder is the next one. These are similar to the single-chamber ones, but there is a collection bowl under it. Instead of having two pieces to get clean, there are three, which are the grinding bowl, lid, and the collection chamber.

With some of the models, there might be a screen between the collection and the grinding areas. That means there is a fourth piece that you have to keep clean. This is the removable screen, lid, the collection chamber, and the grinding bowl.

Finally, you will have a three-chamber or four-piece grinder. Instead of having a solid bottom, it might have a small and removable screen. There could be a container under this. That means that you could have as many as six varying pieces to keep clean. That includes the grinding bowl, lid, two removable screens, the collection chamber, and the last chamber.

How Do You Keep the Grinder Clean

How Do You Keep the Grinder Clean?

Depending on whether you have a plastic or a metal grinder, you will need a few items to keep the cleaning process going well. You will need:

  •         Paper towels
  •         Hot water
  •         Paintbrush or small toothbrush
  •         Container or plastic bag
  •         Small towel
  •         Rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol, for metal grinders
  •         Dish soap for plastic grinders
  •         Optional cotton swabs

To begin with, you will first remove all the large bits from the grinder. Now, you can disassemble the grinder and place the pieces in the freezer for around half an hour. While you do not have to freeze your tool, it can make it a lot easier for you to loosen the bits of stuck-on material from it. Now separate out your pieces and place the grinder pieces in a jar or a bag.

This next step can depend on whether you have a plastic or a metal grinder. For a metal one, you can place the pieces in a plastic bag. Then fill that bag with rubbing alcohol. You should make sure that there is enough alcohol to cover each of the pieces. Now allow it to sit for around 20 minutes. The liquid will turn a brownish color, and this is when you will know that it is ready. Using a higher concentration rubbing alcohol to clean your grinder may have quicker results.

If you have a plastic grinder, you will use a plastic container and place the pieces in one filled with dish soap and hot water. Allow it to sit for around 20 minutes or so until you see the particles floating in your water.

You can also boil the parts of a plastic grinder. You should put each of the pieces in the water and allow them to boil for around 10 minutes or so. Then you can place the components on a towel and allow them to dry. Some people choose to do this step as a quicker cleaning and sanitization process. But others choose to do this as part of a deep cleaning routine.

Now take the grinder out of the solution and rinse it using warm water. That will help to remove the soap residue or the rubbing alcohol. You can scrub off the extra debris using a small brush or a toothbrush. You can use a small cotton swab to ensure that you have cleaned every little bit. If there was a lot of gunk in the grinder or it was very old, you might need to allow the pieces to soak a few more times to get it as clean as possible. Remember that the more you clean the grinder, the easier it will be for you to keep it clean.

If there are any extra attachments on the grinder, you should make sure that you pay more attention to the screen there.

Finishing Steps

Finishing Steps

Once you have removed as much debris as you can, you should use a towel to carefully dry each of the pieces. You can place them on a dishtowel or a paper towel to completely dry. Then you can place the grinder together again. Remember that if you have metal parts, you should be especially certain they are dry before reassembling the grinder.

Closing Thoughts

With a cleaner grinder, you can enjoy the grinder once again. Plus, you can be sure that it will not develop mold or potentially harmful bacteria in it. While it can take you some time to clean your grinder, you will find that it is worthwhile since you can end up saving money.

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