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Penis Bong Product Overview

penis bong

This silicone penis bong is a novelty piece that is not found in many online head shops. Although some people would buy this as a white elephant gift, it is actually a good functioning bong that can be used daily. It is the perfect size mini bong that only stands about 8 inches tall. As you can see from the pictures, the “balls” provide this bong with a sturdy base, so it does not tip over easily. Also, being made from silicone prevents any breakage with this bong. The bowl is still made from glass so you must be careful with that, but beside the bowl, this silicone penis bong can be dropped, and no damage will be done.

As you can imagine, this penis bong could be used for other things. It is made with medical grade silicone and is 100% safe to use. It comes in several different color ways so you can pick one that fits your style best.

Penis Bong Pros

  • Easy for Travel
  • Good Size
  • Unbreakable
  • Multiple Uses
  • Sturdy Base
  • Good Function

To be honest there are not too many cons with this bong. It is a simple functioning bong so you may not get the water filtration you get with percolator bongs, but it still gets the job done. It is perfect for traveling with since it is made of silicone and will not crack or break like a regular glass bong would. Overall, this is a cool mini bong that is great for a gift, or for personal use.

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It's alright kinda getd dabs in your mouth

It's alright

Thank you very much for your review


Thank you very much for your review


Simply perfect

Thank you very much for your review

Sake Bottle Dab Rig
Dianne Haddix
A Dab will do ya

Great little rig, would highly recommend.

Thanks for your review and we are happy to hear!

Classic Metal Travel Pipe

This gives you what you expect. Perfect size to carry in a jean pocket without drawing undesired attention. Only negative I've found so far, has been the threaded mate between stem & bowl is fairly light duty material, so do not over-tighten or exert too much lateral force against the threads.

Thanks for your review