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Product Overview - 8" Zong Bong

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The 8” mini zong bong is a classic style water pipe with a timeless look. Of all the water pipes we have in our store, this bong happens to be one of our top selling items. Since it is so popular, we decided to try one out for ourselves. We took our perspective from using the pipe as well as feedback from our customers to give an in depth review of this mini zong bong.



  • Quality glass
  • Compact
  • Cool design
  • Easy clean

Quality Glass:

One of the first things that you notice with this mini zong is how nicely crafted it is. The quality of glass work is absolutely flawless. To start, if you look at the base of the bong you notice it is perfectly round and even on all sides. The bottom is made very nicely so there is no wobble and it stands firmly. If you look at the neck of the zong, you see that the quality of glass matches the base. The kinks of the zong are perfectly made and the top of the neck is nice and rounded for a smooth feel. Even the joint of the zong where the down stem is inserted is perfectly made so that the down stem fits nice and snug. From top to bottom, this zong is made with great quality.


This is a compact bong that still can provide big hits. Even though it only stands 8 inches tall, it hits more like a 10 inch bong since the double kinked neck allows more smoke to fill in the chamber than a standard straight tube bong. You really get the best of both worlds here! Since this zong bong only stands 8 inches tall, it is very compact and great for travel. It is a lot easier to carry and store than a typical, bigger sized bong.

Cool Glass Design:

The design on this zong bong is awesome and timeless. The physical design alone of a zong looks very cool. It is definitely different than most water pipes and is unique compared to other bongs. To top it off, this zong bong has a color scheme that compliments its design perfectly. It is commonly known has a “raked” design and it is the blue and white colored swirls you see on the base, bowl, and tip of the zong. This style of art design has been popular on bongs and dab rigs for many years and is still popular today. For some, it is almost a nostalgic look since this design has been around for so long. The classic zong design complimented with the raked art gives this one an awesome look.

Easy to Clean:

This bong has a simple design with no percolators or splash guards. Actually, the kinks in the zong work as a natural splash guard, so none is needed. Since it has a simple design though, it is easy to clean. Definitely easier than more complex bongs with lots of extras on them. All you have to do is drop some rubbing alcohol and kosher salt in there, then give it a shake, and you are good to go. If you are looking for a full tutorial on how to clean your bong, please see our blog about bong cleaning here.

 blue zong bong


  • Skinny tube
  • No ice catcher

Skinny Tube:

One thing that is pretty obvious just from looking at this zong is that fact that the neck of the zong is fairly skinny. It only measures about 1 inch across, so it is smaller than most standard bongs. Depending on your preference, this can be an inconvenience when smoking out of it.

No Ice Catcher:

Another issue we saw with this zong bong is there is no ice catcher. This can be an issue for those who insist on having ice in their bong while smoking. If you try, you are able to fit a small piece of ice in the top part of the zong, but it is not the same as most standard ice catchers you find in bongs.


Final Verdict:

Overall we give this zong bong a good rating and a thumbs up! For the price of only $39.99, it is hard to beat the design and quality of this water pipe. Although it has small flaws like having a skinny tube and no ice catcher, we think the good qualities outweigh the bad ones. The quality glass is awesome, it has a cool and compact design, and lastly it is easy to clean. If you are looking for cool, small water pipe, this zong bong may be just the right one for you. It is available in our online headshop here.

zong bongsmini zong bong water pipezong bong water pipe

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  • I have had a mini zong water pipe similar to this one for over a year now and I love it!

    Darlene Sabo

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