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Benefits of Silicone Pipes

These days there are tons of different silicone smoking pipes ranging from hand pipes, to bongs, to dab rigs, to bubblers, to pretty much any other type of smoking device on the market. For almost every glass pipe design there are identical pipes that are made out of silicone. What is with it though? Are silicone pipes any better than glass pipes or are they just being overly hyped up? In the past couple of years silicone pipes have become increasingly popular in the smoking industry and there are even some companies that specialize solely on the manufacturing and retailing of them.

What are the benefits associated with silicone pipes though? We did an analysis of our own by conducting some research and reaching out to our customers to hear feedback on a variety of different silicone pipes to find out. The trend we noticed is there are three major benefits associated with using silicone pipes. They are durable, cheap in price, and great for traveling.

The first thing about silicone pipes, which is kind of obvious, is that they are incredibly durable. Most silicone pipes can be dropped on the floor without breaking. The material just bounces like rubber on the ground and does not affect the shape of the pipe while doing so. We must say however, there are several silicone water pipes that do have glass in them and would not have the same outcome if dropped. Overall though, silicone pipes are way more durable that glass pipes.

The second benefit associated with silicone pipes is that they are generally a lot cheaper than glass pipes of equivalent size and shape. That is something no one can complain about! Across the board on all retail sites silicone pipes were significantly cheaper than glass pipes of similar size, shape, and function. 

The biggest benefit we noticed with silicone pipes though is how easily you are able to travel with them. Their durability makes them the perfect travel companion for any smoking trip. You do not have to worry about breaking them, and some silicone bongs can even fold up! This allows you to have a portable bong rolled right up in your pocket like the one we have available in our store here. If you plan on traveling with a pipe, then a silicone pipe may be right for you!

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Benefits of Silicone PipesBenefits of Silicone PipesBenefits of Silicone PipesBenefits of Silicone Pipes

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Great product!

This reclaim catcher is wonderful. it takes a while to build up but it catches everything that makes it far enough. i’m in love with this things. keeps my bong so much cleaner for a long time.

Great reclaim catcher!

Best reclaim catcher I have used. been through quite a few this one is my favorite. Great made glass much better quality than any others I have used in the past.

Love this!

Smokes great..a little bit of a learning curve necessary..


Exactly what I wanted! It’s beautiful, well crafted and came quickly!


Perfect for what the job is. Perfect daily size, easy to clean!