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Best Smoke Shop in Anaheim, CA

kings pipes anaheim california smoke head shop

Do you live in Anaheim, CA and are looking for a smoke shop? Kingspipes.com has got you covered. Our online smoke shop and head shop provides some of the best quality bongs, dab rigs, pipes, and smoking accessories at some of the best prices. Our smoke shop is fully online, so you do not need to drive anywhere to pick up your new glass!

Being based out of Anaheim, CA has given our smoke shop access to some of the best glass vendors in the business. Southern California has always been on the fore front of the smoking industry and is home to many big companies related to cannabis and smoke shops. Being located close to so many great companies has allowed Kings Pipes to expand our network and carry some of the best products on the market. We have one of the best product selections of any smoke shop located in Anaheim, CA.

Why Shop at Kings Pipes?

Kingspipes.com is the best smoke shop in Anaheim, CA due to our quality products, great pricing, awesome product selection, product authenticity, and more. When you shop in our online smoke shop and head shop you can guarantee you are getting a nice product at a good price.

Quality Products

Kingspipes.com only carries good quality glass items and accessories. We quality inspect all items before we carry them in our smoke shop to ensure our products are up to standards. We also double check every item for imperfections before we ship out to our customers to ensure they receive the high-quality product they purchased. If the item our customer receives is not up to par, we will provide a full refund.

Great Pricing

Our prices are some of the bests you find online, and at brick-and-mortar smoke shops. We have very fair pricing on our items to ensure our customer’s get the best deal. We also have items at many different price points ranging from cheap glass pipes to expensive big bongs.

Awesome Product Selection

We provide a diverse product selection so that our customer’s can always find what they need. We carry standard hand pipes and water pipes as well as many different smoking accessories and smoking bundles.

Authentic Dealer

Kings Pipes is an authentic dealer of all products sold on our website. We choose our inventory carefully and work directly with many different brands to ensure everything we have available is a high-quality product. We carry authentic Empire Glassworks, My Bud Vase, Biohazard Glass, and other reputable brands in our online smoke shop. We carry all items in house and they are shipped directly from our Anaheim, CA location, so there are no third parties involved when you place an order.

Safe Online Check Out

Our website has a safe and secure checkout to ensure our customer’s information is not in jeopardy. We use several different security applications so that our customer’s credit card number, billing address, and shipping address can not be accessed by any third parties. To ensure our customers are fully protected, we do not have access to their credit card number. When purchasing a product and checking out on our website your payment method does not get shared. We also do not sell any of our customer’s information to third parties.

Superior Customer Service

Kingspipes.com strives to provide the best customer service of all online smoke shops. You can reach us by phone or email, and for emails, we will respond within one business day. Kings Pipes has a 30 day return policy and will provide a full refund for any purchase. For more information on returns see our returns page here. We love to keep our customers happy and do our best to fulfill their needs. If you have questions about anything, always feel free to contact us.

Visit our website directly or click here to shop at kingspipes.com

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1278 reviews
Value and smooth

Love this pipe so much ordered a 2nd one. It smokes smooth and big hits.

Glass Daisy's Screens

I know there's different sizes and I've got hundreds of these Daisy screens only to have most of them pulverized glass mixed in. I've never bought less than a hundred at a time and I hope these aren't too small or too big being 100 count glass pipe screens is usually about 10 bucks. But to only get 30 I hope they're all intact and most importantly I hope they fit most 14.5 mm male joints and most glass pipes. I'll try to call somebody in the morning but please email me if this is the right order being it only takes two to three business days but you should add an extra day onto that from California to Florida. Just saying I lived in Arizona and it takes an extra day. Just hoping they're all intact and I hope they fit being there going to be a 30 count for the same price as 100 basically. Thank you for your time and understanding, Richard P Matthew Jr

Purchased as a gift

Arrived quickly, before Christmas, and he LOVES is.

Interesting pipe

Feels good in hand , smokes cool

Thank you for your review

beginning to like these better than the mesh screens

Thank you for your review