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Different Types of Smoking Hand Pipes

There are many different types of hand smoking pipes available for sale on the market that vary between material, design, and style. When choosing a smoking pipe, you want to make sure you find one that is the best fit for you. Below is information on different types of pipes available on the market so that next time your shopping for one, you will know which is the perfect pipe for you. We will break down the variety of smoking pipes available by material, design, and style.


Different Pipe Materials

Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes are incredibly popular in today’s industry and are used by many smokers. The variety of glass pipes available is just about endless. Glass pipes can be used to smoke out of, or just to collect. Some glass blowers make pipes that are out if this world and are easily considered pieces of art. Some of the most beautiful looking pipes on the market are made from glass.

Stone Pipes

Stone Pipes are another type of pipe that is also popular. Stone pipes are great because they are more durable and cheaper compared to other materials. They are great for when you are on the go and they typically come in small sizes that are 2 to 5 inches in length. Another cool thing about these is a lot of them don’t look like pipes at first sight so they are more discreet than others.

Metal Pipes

Metal Pipes are virtually indestructible and can last forever. Most metal pipes are mostly made of either aluminum, brass, or steel. Although these pipes are cheaply priced and durable, they have some downfalls. Since they are metal, they easily get over heated when smoking out of. Some users also say the taste of the smoke can be different when inhaling through a metal pipe. For these reasons it is common to see metal hybrid pipes that have either plastic, rubber, or glass components on them to help remedy the problems you get from an all metal pipe.

Silicone Pipes

Silicone Pipes have become more of a staple in the smoking industry since brands like Nucleus and others have started to include them in their product line up. Silicone pipes look awesome and are typically made with vibrant colors. With silicone, you are able to mix colors in a way you can not do with other materials. Because of that, silicone pipes are great for those who like lots of different colors in their pipe.

Wood Pipes

Wood Pipes are the most classic style of tobacco smoking pipe. Like a piece of fine furniture, wood pipes can run up to thousands of dollars depending on the maker and craftsmanship of the pipe. Wood pipes of that stature are incredibly classy and look elegant. There are, however, cheap wood pipes as well that are more affordable for the average user and are comparable in price to the other pipes made of different material.


Different Pipe Designs

Spoon Pipes

As the name suggests, these pipes look like and are shaped like spoons. Without a doubt, this is the most popular design for glass and silicone pipes. It is for good reason too. The design of a Spoon Pipes not only makes it easy to use when smoking, but also feels comfortable when you are holding the pipe in your hand.

Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock Pipes are a very popular design for wooden smoking pipes. A typical Sherlock pipe has a “U” shaped hook in it and has the bowl of the pipe sitting lower than the mouthpiece. These are considered by many smokers to be a classier style of pipe due to their elegant look.


Chillums are little tiny smoking pipes that are really good to use on the go. They typically measure only around 3 inches long and are shaped like a cylinder. The bowl is usually at the end of pipe and only holds a limited amount of material. 

Steam Rollers

Steamrollers are essentially a dry bong. On average steamrollers are bigger than other types of smoking pipes and are equipped with big air chambers. Most are cylinder shaped with the bowl sitting on top of the pipe. This design of this pipe provides smokers with larger hits than other pipes.


Different Pipe Styles

Girly Pipes

As you would imagine, Girly Pipes are geared more towards woman and include colors like purple and pink. Although these are called girly pipes, they can truly be appreciated by any smoker.

Themed Pipes

Themed Pipes look awesome and usually have a lot of detail in them. The best looking themed pipes are glass pipes because you are able to add so much artwork to them. Glass blowers like Empire Glassworks lead the way in creating awesome themed pipes. Their products are some of the most sought after on the market. Themed pipes produced by Empire Glassworks are infamous for having a lot of bright colors accompanied by amazing glass detail. Besides Empire, there are also a lot of other glass blowers producing good looking themed pipes. Companies such as Bougie Glass, Grav Labs, and others also produce high quality themed pipes.

Glow in the Dark Pipes

As you would imagine, glow pipes are perfect for smoking at night time or in the dark. Glow Pipes are equipped with a special material in the glass that allows the pipe to glow. The material absorbs light when it is daytime, and emits a glow during the night when it becomes dark. Not only do they look cool, but they actually are helpful if you find yourself in a situation where you are smoking in pitch black dark. The glow in the pipe will help you see the bowl so you can easily smoke out of the pipe and see what you are doing.

Thick Glass Pipes

Thick Glass Pipes are smoking pipes that are made with incredibly thick and chunky glass. These pipes weigh more than standard glass pipes and are generally harder to break due to their glass thickness. These pipes are great for all those clumsy smokers out there! If you are looking for a thick glass pipe we recommend shopping our collection.


As we just pointed out there are tons of different pipes on the market and several different factors one must consider before purchasing one. If we have to give any advice to a beginner picking out their first pipe, it would be to not get overwhelmed. Just remember that all pipes do the same thing and all function finely. It mostly is just your preference as to what type of pipe you would like.

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