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Top 10 Coolest Bongs of 2022

top 10 collest bong of 2022

There are many cool bongs for sale online these days. You have themed bongs that are one off in design as well as many others. With bongs and pipes gaining so much popularity over the past few years there are endless glass designs and different glass brands that can make it difficult to find the perfect bong. To help make it easier for you, we narrowed down a list of the coolest bongs that are currently available on the market today. For more information see our list of the top 10 coolest bongs of 2022 below.

Twist Glass Bong

cool twisted glass bong

This twist glass bong is one of the more unique water pipes that is on our list. It has a standard bubble base water chamber but includes a glass twist design on the shaft of the bong. When using, the smoke gets diverted into two different air chambers that twist around each other and come together into one right at the top of the bong shaft. This bong is a happy medium as far as height goes and stands about 10 inches tall. It comes in different colors and includes a pull-out bowl slide.

Dino T-Rex Bong

cool dino t-rex bong

This dinosaur T-Rex replica bong has some of the most detailed glass work you will find on any piece. It is about 5 to 6 inches tall and about 9 inches in length. The bong has perfect weight distribution, so the bong can balance on the dinosaur’s feet. It has glass spikes running down the spine of the dino that are hand crafted and placed on the bong individually. The bong has a milky white and yellow color with dark red color accents. The teeth of the dinosaur are really the center piece as you can see the amount of detail that went into crafting this beautiful bong. The dino has a full set of glass teeth that are made to look real. Although this list of the top ten coolest bongs does not go in any particular order, we put this bong towards the top because it is definitely one of our personal favorites.

Mini Raked Glass Beaker Bong

cool mini raked beaker bong

This bong combines quality with style. It is a mini beaker bong standing 8 inches in height and comes with a classic built in down stem and slide out bowl. This bong made our list due to its awesome color accents and cool design. It has a raked color design that is timeless and has been around for many years. It comes in several different colors as well, so you can pick out the one you like best. On the top shaft of the bong, it has glass marbles attached that not only look cool, but also help for holding on to the bong. If you are looking for a cool, mini beaker bong than this one will be perfect.

Zack the Zebra Bong

cool zack the zebra bong

Bring the African Safari straight to your home with this Zack the zebra bong. This is one of the best animal themed bongs currently available anywhere. It has incredible detail and is made with high quality glass. The glass is not see-through on this bong so it hides any residue that may make it look dirty. As pictured, the bong is black and white with an all-black bowl slide. This bong is small and can also double as a nice dab rig if desired.

Hot Sauce Bong

cool empire glassworks hot sauce bong

You can fire up your sesh with this hot sauce bong crafted by Empire Glassworks. Made in the USA in their Southern California shop, this Empire Glassworks mini bong is a top notch crafted water pipe. All of Empire pipes are made with thick, durable glass and are perfect down to every detail. This is a cool bong to add to any glass collection.

Waxmaid Hybrid Bong

cool waxmaid hybrid bong

Waxmaid is always innovating the game by coming out with different products constantly. This hybrid bong is a perfect example of that and it implements both glass and silicone into the bong to make a one of a kind water pipe. This hybrid bong by Waxmaid has a silicone down stem and mouthpiece but is equipped with a glass water chamber. The design on this bong allows it to come apart into several different pieces which makes it convenient for cleaning. The bowl slide on this bong is a 14mm glass bowl. There are a lot of different color swirls in this bong that make it really pop out. Overall, this is definitely one of the coolest silicone hybrid bongs for sale online.

Tribal Print Beaker Bong

cool themed tribal beaker bong

This is a heavy duty, big beaker bong. This bad boy stands 14 inches tall and is made with 5mm thick glass. The glass is specially designed to include a smoke color throughout the bong and includes a tribal print design on the shaft and beaker of the bong. This is a unique printed bong that is rare and hard to find. The tribal print has great detail and really adds a lot to this bong. The 5mm thick glass is very durable and more heavy duty compared to other standard bongs being sold on the market. This bong has a glass-on-glass pullout down stem and bowl.

Pink Bent Neck Matrix Bong

pink cute pretty cool bent neck perc bong

For all the pink lovers out there, this bong is for you! This 9” bent neck matrix perc bong is all clear with pink color accents. The design on this bong is for maximum function. It has a down stem percolator that diffuses the smoke into small water bubbles and has a bent neck design that keeps the water from splashing into your mouth when using. It has a very thick glass base that makes this bong incredibly sturdy. The cool color accents on this make it one of the cutest bongs you can buy online.

Raked Glass Beaker Bong 12”

cool raked glass beaker bong

The raked 12” glass beaker bong is a bigger version of the mini raked bong mentioned above, but with a few upgrades. It has a glass-on-glass down stem and bowl attachment that is more desired among users. This is a classic bong with a cool design and nice colors. Just like the mini bong, this one has a raked design with glass marbles on top of the shaft of the bong.

7mm Thick Glass Straight Tube Bong

cool thick glass 7mm straight tube bong

This is one of the heaviest duty glass bongs you will find for sale online. It is a straight tube glass bong made from 7mm thick glass with a super thick base. It has color accents on the base and mouth tip of the bong. Glass bongs this thick are very durable and are less likely to break compared to most other bongs. This cool bong is a favorite among many due to its simplicity and great quality glass. You can never go wrong with a bong like this.

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