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What are the Best Dab Rigs?

the best glass dab rigs

When shopping online, you may be thinking, what are the best dab rigs? With so many options to choose from it can sometimes be hard to narrow it down. So, to help out, we decided to make a list of the top 10 best dab rigs that are currently available.

#1 Shower Head 6" Dab Rig

glass dab rig

This is one of the most popular dab rigs in our online head shop and for good reason. This is a great dab rig that is perfect for all users. It measures about 6 inches tall and has a shower head diffused down stem. The shower head perc makes for smooth hits while the bent neck tube keeps that water splash to a minimum. This dab rig has a wide water chamber, so it is very stable and well balanced. You do not have to worry about easily tipping this over and breaking it like some other dab rigs. It is also equipped with a quartz banger, which is the best and most common add on for dab rigs.

Buy Here - Shower Head Dab Rig


#2 Classic Dab Rig

classic dab rig

This dab rig has a classic design and color scheme. It is a bell-shaped water chamber dab rig with “raked” artwork around the perimeter. The artwork on this is absolutely timeless and favorited by many people. It has blue and white swirls around the water chamber as well as a blue accented mouth tip. Not only does this rig look great, but it functions just as well. It has a diffused down stem, which helps with water filtration and a bell-shaped water chamber that makes for one kick ass dab rig!

Buy Here - Classic Dab Rig


#3 The Royale Mini Rig

mj arsenal mini dab rig Royale

The Royale Mini Rig is one of the best offerings in the MJ Arsenal line up. It has great quality glass, design, and function. With MJ Arsenal their rigs are made of high-grade borosilicate glass that is some of the best quality on the market. It also has nice thick glass base so it very stable and hard to tip over. The sphere-shaped water chamber fits nicely in your palm and is easy to hold. To boot, this little bad boy has an incycler function that works beautifully and keeps the water splash down. Overall, this is a great little mini rig that would be a lovely addition for any collection.

Buy Here - Royale Mini Rig


#4 The Atlas Mini Rig

mj arsenal atlas mini dab rig

The Atlas rig is pretty similar to the Royale, but just with a little bit different function. They are about the same height, and both of course are made of borosilicate glass. The Atlas has a 10mm joint size and comes with a flattop, deep bucket banger. It is the ultimate combination of quality and function.

Buy Here - Atlas Mini Rig


#5 Bio Hazard Beaker Dab Rig

Bio Hazard Glass Mini Beaker Dab Rig

This little dab rig made by Bio Hazard Glass is a beaker bong combo. Although it comes stock with a 45-degree quartz banger, you can throw a bowl slide in this and have a yourself a mini beaker bong. Bio Hazard Glass makes all their stuff in the USA and are well known for really high quality glass pieces. This mini bong is almost 6 inches tall and comes with a removable down stem. For an extra added touch, it has a Rasta Bio Hazard logo on the neck of the bong that gives it a cool look. The angle bend on the bong extends the quartz banger out perfectly on this so it is convenient to use. Whether you need a bong/dab rig hybrid in your collection or just want some nice glass, this one will not disappoint.

Buy Here - Bio Hazard Beaker Dab Rig


#6 Bent Neck Matrix Perc

bent neck matrix perc bong dab rig

This is another bong/dab rig style hybrid pipe that can be used for dry herbs and tobacco as well as concentrates. This dab rig comes in multiple colors so you can choose the one of your liking. We even have a pink accented color bong for all the ladies and pink lovers out there! The main feature on this pipe is the matrix diffused percolator which helps for extra smooth hits. It acts as water diffuser and makes the air bubbles smaller for more filtration. It has a super thick glass base that makes this water pipe feel super heavy duty. The bent neck at the top helps to keep the water splash down so you do not inhale any when using.

Buy Here - Bent Neck Matrix Perc


#7 Nectar Collector with Reclaim Catcher

nectar collector with reclaim catcher

This is different kind of dab rig hybrid. It is a nectar collector pipe with a built in reclaim catcher in the middle chamber. This is a dry pipe dab rig meaning there is no water chamber for filtration. This is actually a good thing when dabbing because it allows you to get the full flavor and effects of your concentrate or essential oil. Another unique feature on this piece is that it does not utilize a quartz banger like standard dab rigs, but instead takes a straight glass dab nail that attaches to the tip. To use it you just heat up the nail and touch down directly to your essential oil.

Buy Here - Nectar Collector with Reclaim Catcher


#8 Sherlock Recycler

sherlock dab rig

The sherlock recycler dab rig combines awesome colors with great functionality to create one of the best daily driver dab rigs. It has a classic Rasta stripe design, which is a favorite color scheme among smokers and users alike. The biggest feature of this sherlock rig is that is has a recycler function so water coming up the shaft stays at a minimum and instead it recycles around the water chamber. This is the perfect size dab rig as it stands just over 6 ½” tall.

Buy Here - Sherlock Recycler


#9 Dab Rig Kit

dab rig kit

This dab rig kit bundles everything you need for a full dabbing set up. It comes with a 6” shower head perc dab rig, thermal quartz banger, bubbler carb cap, and metal dab tool. If you are starting from scratch and do not have any dab equipment this kit would be a great start. Not only does is save you some time shopping because you do not need to buy each item separately, but it also saves you money. This kit is cheaper in price compared to if you get the accessories individually.

Buy Here - Dab Rig Kit


#10 Silicone Bubbler Dab Rig

silicone bubbler dab rig

This awesome silicone bubbler dab rig is manufactured by Eyce Molds, which is one of the most reputable and sought-after silicone brands on the market. This is one of several different dab rigs that that they offer in their product line up. It has a tall water chamber bottom with a bent neck mouthpiece and includes a titanium metal dab nail. This rig easily comes apart which is a bonus because it makes it way easier to clean compared to standard glass dab rigs where you can not get on the inside of the water chamber. Also, you do not have to worry about breakage here! The rig is made of high grade silicone and the dab nail is metal, so there is nothing you have to worry about breaking on this.

Buy Here - Silicone Bubbler Dab Rig

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