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Girly Cute Pretty Bongs

We have a variety of girly, cute, and pretty bongs for sale in our collection. We have pretty bongs with purple and pi... Read more

We have a variety of girly, cute, and pretty bongs for sale in our collection. We have pretty bongs with purple and pink accents as well as cute, girly themed bongs. In this collection you will find awesome looking girly bongs from brands such as My Bud Vase, Diamond Glass, and others.

From pretty cute girly bongs to elegant glass pieces, the variety in this artistic form is impressive. Many of these bongs highlight beautiful colors, bubbly shapes, and delicate detailing that give them a unique personality. With their attractive aesthetic, pretty cute bongs are becoming popular amongst smokers who enjoy having something pretty on display when they indulge. Whether used for smoking herbs or simply as a decorative piece, pretty cute bongs make great statement pieces in any living space.

Putting function and fashion together is something pretty cute girly bongs do better than any other smoking tool. These beautiful pipes come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, allowing smokers to express their individual style as they smoke. They are designed to provide an enjoyable, smooth hit each time—and with the decorative touches, you can always have a pretty bong nearby for when you want to get creative or just show it off. Constructed from durable materials that don't easily break or shatter, pretty cute girly bongs last longer than your ordinary pipe and offer a unique flavor and pleasing aesthetic everyone will appreciate.

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pipe screens

I am happy with my pipe screens order.the product I received did not look like what was in the picture that I ordered from,there were only 2 styles/colors in what I received instead of the variety pictured,but they work well.

Thank you for your review



Thank you for your review

6" Dab Rig Kit
Raymond Gaines
6" Dab Rig Kit

Very happy with my purchase. I am new to dabs and such. I love this little rig!! As described and very carefully pkg'd and it arrived quickly. I highly recommend this seller.

Great to hear!

Value and smooth

Love this pipe so much ordered a 2nd one. It smokes smooth and big hits.

This is also one of our favorites

Glass Daisy's Screens

I know there's different sizes and I've got hundreds of these Daisy screens only to have most of them pulverized glass mixed in. I've never bought less than a hundred at a time and I hope these aren't too small or too big being 100 count glass pipe screens is usually about 10 bucks. But to only get 30 I hope they're all intact and most importantly I hope they fit most 14.5 mm male joints and most glass pipes. I'll try to call somebody in the morning but please email me if this is the right order being it only takes two to three business days but you should add an extra day onto that from California to Florida. Just saying I lived in Arizona and it takes an extra day. Just hoping they're all intact and I hope they fit being there going to be a 30 count for the same price as 100 basically. Thank you for your time and understanding, Richard P Matthew Jr