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Glass Pipes for Sale

This collection offers all our glass hand pipes for sale. Glass hand pipes are a staple for smoking and are one of the... Read more

This collection offers all our glass hand pipes for sale. Glass hand pipes are a staple for smoking and are one of the most widely used accessories. We have many different styles to choose from so that you can be sure you will find just the right one. 

Our collection ranges greatly in price, design, and size to ensure we carry a large variety for all our customers. Here at Kings Pipes, we have everything from traditional glass spoon pipes to exotic themed Sherlock pipes. We even have other pipes in this collection that are glass alternatives and still great for smoking. If your glass collection is missing a hand pipe than you have come to the right place. A hand pipe is the most basic, easiest pipe to use and is essential to have. Look below to see our full collection of glass pipes for sale we currently have available.

Looking for a certain type of pipe? You can shop for a specific kind here.

Cheap Pipes

cheap glass hand smoking pipe

If you want a good hand pipe at a fair cost our collection of cheap glass pipes is the perfect place to shop. All these items are cheaply priced and cost under $30.

Chillum Pipes

glass chillum smoking hand pipe

These little one-hitters are the perfect on the go companion. They are discrete, easily portable, and most importantly work well! These give you maximum flavor with your smoke and are easy to use.

Girly Pipes

pink girly cute glass pipe

As you would imagine, our girly pipes include the cutest and prettiest pipes we have available. 

Glow Pipes

glow in the dark light up glass pipe

These are the perfect midnight companions to light up your night! These are beautifully made and designed to light up and glow in the dark at nighttime.

Silicone Pipes

silicone hand smoking pipe

These are authentic grade silicone pipes that are made with high grade silicone. These are the most popular glass alternatives and are near impossible to ruin. If you keep these clean and replace the glass bowl, they can last you forever. 

Sherlock Pipes

sherlock glass hand smoking pipe

Sherlock pipes have a loop in them to both add flare to pipe as well as stop ash from coming through the chamber. They are elegant and classy hand pipes that are always sure to impress. 

Spoon Pipes

glass spoon smoking pipe

Hands down these are the most popular and classic hand pipe category. Spoon pipes are really easy and comfortable to use and have the optimal design out of any hand pipe. You can never go wrong with a spoon pipe.

Steamroller Pipes

glass steam roller

These are some of the most uniquely designed hand pipes that are a hybrid of a spoon pipe and chillum. They are a straight cylinder pipe with bowl located on top. These are typically a little bigger than most standard sized hand pipes. 

Themed Pipes

themed glass smoking pipes

This collection includes all our character and super cool looking pipes. As the title implies, these are all designed around a theme that brings flare to each individual pipe.

Thick Glass Pipes

thick glass smoking hand pipes

These are the more heavy-duty glass pipes we have in our online headshop. They are made with thick glass compared to standard hand pipes and are heavy duty.

Other Pipes

kings pipes smoking pipe


This collection includes all the other styles of pipe that are not mentioned above. It includes metal, stone, and other unique pipes.

More on Glass Pipes

Glass smoking pipes have grown in popularity in recent years, becoming an increasingly popular option for smokers of various substances. Not only are glass pipes aesthetically pleasing, due to the variety of glass colors and patterns available, but they are also highly functional, offering a smooth passage for smoke and easy inhalation. Glass tobacco pipes retain their temperature well and offer excellent flavor control. They tend to be slightly easier to clean than other non-glass materials such as wood or metal. As glass is a relatively soft material, glass pipes can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes with glass pipes for sale online offering even more unique variations. This makes glass smoking pipes one of the most user-friendly options out there when it comes to managing your smoking ritual.

From simple glass chillums and spoon pipes, to more intricate glass bubblers and water bongs, there is glass pipe design option for any lifestyle. Many of these glass pipes for sale are designed with the user's safety and convenience at heart; the ergonomic glass shapes make them easy to handle, and their clear glass construction makes checking for cleanliness a simple process. When searching for the perfect glass pipe, it's important to consider both quality and design; luckily, Kings Pipes have you covered when it comes to both!

Not only is glass aesthetically pleasing, glass does not affect the taste of herbs or tobacco when you smoke it. For a cost-effective solution, some glass smoking pipe companies also offer durable glass bubblers and water bongs which provide smooth filtration pops and amazing hits every time. Whether it’s glass cool hipster style pipes or basic glass chillums, glass pipes have revolutionized how we smoke our favorite herbs or tobacco.

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Great purchase

Well worth the money. I want the $100 next



pipe screens

I am happy with my pipe screens order.the product I received did not look like what was in the picture that I ordered from,there were only 2 styles/colors in what I received instead of the variety pictured,but they work well.

Thank you for your review



Thank you for your review

6" Dab Rig Kit

Very happy with my purchase. I am new to dabs and such. I love this little rig!! As described and very carefully pkg'd and it arrived quickly. I highly recommend this seller.

Great to hear!