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Quartz Banger 14mm male

100% Quartz Banger Male Joint - 14/18mm

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100% Quartz Banger Male Joint - 14/18mm 

Quartz bangers are essential pieces used in many dab rigs. This listing is for a male joint banger with a 90 degree bend. Two options are available, 14mm and 18mm. All of our bangers are made of 100% quartz and are high quality. All have thick 4mm walls that can withstand a lot of heat. Lastly, all of our quartz bangers are made with all clear glass and no frost, for a nice, clean look.


  • Male joint
  • 14mm or 18mm available
  • 100% glass quartz banger
  • Glass thickness: 4mm
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100% Quartz Banger Male Joint - 14/18mm

100% Quartz Banger..

Not only did I find the right size banger but the bangers glass is 4mm thick and infused with quartz giving the glass a melting point upward of 3000ºF. The item came in a safe package so that the glass banger didn't break, and for the price, you can't go wrong. I've just acquired a new dab rig and I need a banger for it so I'm definitely going to be grabbing another one of these bangers, even for the price it's still quality made. Thanks, KingsPipes.com!

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Nice cool draw

Perfect pipe for me because I like smooth cool pulls, and this one fits the bill. Great value, too!


Great bong, great quality, would recommend to everyone

Great overall pipe

Portable, great price, easy to clean. Works great!

Mini Zong, has it all!

Great bong, features and price. Great size and looks, built well seems like it will last.

You can't beat the price

Quality pipes, great price, fast shipping,
you can't beat that!