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glass water pipe bong

8" Honeycomb Straight Bong

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8" Honeycomb Straight Bong

This is a cool straight shooter bong water pipe that features an ice catcher and honeycomb diffused perc. It has a nice and simple design that makes it not only easy to use, but also easy to clean. The honeycomb perc is one of the best water pipe filtration systems there is and provides you with super smooth hits. No down stem is needed for this one. The height of the bong is about 8 inches and order includes a bowl piece. The mouth tip and honeycomb perc color for this bong vary. There are mostly different shades of blue and green available.


  • 8 inch tall 
  • Honeycomb diffused
  • Color: Clear, (mouth tip and honeycomb color vary)
  • Wide base for optimal balance
  • Straight shot design makes for easy cleaning
  • Ice catcher
  • 14mm Joint
  • FREE bowl piece
  • FREE shipping with all US orders


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