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Fatty Bowl Glass Pipe

$30.00 $14.99 Sale

Fatty Bowl Glass Pipe

Big bowl alert! Seriously, this glass hand pipe has the biggest bowl of any other pipe in our store. It makes the pipe perfect for sharing! It also has a sweet pink fume with colored stripes running down the length of the pipe. There are 3 different stripe colors available: yellow, blue, and green. The pipe measures almost 4 inches in length and is made with high quality glass.


  • 3 3/4 inch glass pipe 
  • Big bowl
  • Color: pink fumed
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice pipe.

Great pipe use it several times daily.

Great buy

The price is awesome for this pipe! As mentioned, it has a bowl piece and is made of thick glass.

Big Bowl

They weren't kidding, the bowl on this pipe is huge! Happy with my purchase

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I absolutely love it

I absolutely love it! I love all the wolves on it. It's a very beautiful bong. Well worth the money

Solid and a great value

Sturdy and stable. Banger cleans up well when soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Also looks handsome on a coffee table!

very nice piece would recommend but one fault I’ve found is it hits like a gravity and if ya wait a second to long the smoke goes stale so definitely 9/10 and the ice tray is an amazing addition

Perfect for the cost

Only negative thing i can say is after about 3-4 dabs it seems to clog up in the showerhead. May be just me loading too much at a time. Refill your rig with hot tap water and your back running like new

Good little piece

Shipped quick fits my needa. My local shop has been closed for 2 months got tored of waiting and found this so ordered it. Side note had i waited for the shop to open this piece prob wouldve been almost double what King Pipes charges. Great buy will b back for more