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5 Things to Look for in a Dab Rig

5 Things to Look for in a Dab Rig

You might be considering getting into dabs, but you may not know what they are and how you can smoke them. Dabbing is usually a more complex method of smoking, and you need a few accessories to begin. If you think that dabbing is something that you will enjoy, you should get a good dab rig. However, getting the right one for you can be difficult and overwhelming. There are several things you should look for if you want to do dabbing right.

Dab Rigs vs. Bongs

Bongs often have a bowl, which you will light and begin to smoke. When you have a rig, you use a nail instead of a bowl. This nail might be made out of glass, ceramic, or titanium. Other materials are also available for you. You have to heat the nail before you can begin to dab, and a higher temperature is needed than for simply smoking. This will cause the material to be vaporized and allow you to inhale it. Once the nail is heated, you can begin the process of vaporization. The vapor will move through your dab rig and you can inhale it by using the mouthpiece.

Types of Nails

There are two main kinds of nails. There are standard ones that are shaped like nails. They will go right into the dab rig and they might, or might not, be paired with a dome that goes over the top of the nail to trap any extra vapor that does not enter the rig.

There are also bucket nails, which you will attach to the rig in the same way that you would a bowl to a bong. However, bucket nails have arms that extend out with an enclosure that is shaped like a bucket at the end. This will trap heat inside so that it can stay hot for longer, and this is often a better option when you want to dab at a lower temperature. The bucket can save the reclaim from the vapor, and that is often a more economical option for your dabbing experience.

Look for a Smaller Mouthpiece

1. Look for a Smaller Mouthpiece

Many smokers find that they like having a large mouthpiece since it allows them to take larger hits. However, dabbing is not all about pulling the bowl to clear out the chamber. The nail lets the air pass through constantly unless you use a carb cap. If you have a small mouthpiece, you will still be able to finish the dab. It also allows you to enjoy the unique taste of the vapor that you are using.

2. Looking for a Small Rig to Improve the Flavor

Even if you are accustomed to taking a larger dab, you do not need to use a large bong for your dab rig. This is because you constantly have the vapor moving through your chamber. When there is more room like this, it is more likely that your vapor will lose its potency and not taste as good when it reaches your mouth. This is why dab rigs are often smaller so that the delivery and the taste of your dab is the best that it can be.

The concentrated vapor can condense when it cools down. When there is a larger area for condensation, then you might lose out on more of the components of the vapor. More of the vapor is condensing on the rig instead of going into your mouth.

3. Look for Water Filtration Options

Some smokers regret that they have taken dabs out of dry rigs in the past. Although you can use some rigs without any water in them, you may not get the best experience if you inhale a lot of vapor without allowing it to first cool off through some water. If you are out hiking or another location where you need to be careful with your water, it might be useful for you to have a dab rig that does not have water in it. But in many cases, you will be better off with a dab rig that filters water for everyday use.

4. Avoiding Getting Too Much Percolation

The smoke can be harsh on your throat and lungs, but when you use an internal glass percolator, you can often get a smoother hit. Water is good when you are dabbing, but the dabbing materials do not need as much percolation as smoking often does. Look for a percolator that has two or four holes in it. These will not chop your water up too much, but these percolators can still cool your dab down a bit.

Avoiding Getting Too Much Percolation

5. Looking for Glass Joints

If you have gotten a dab rig or a bong in the past, then you might know that not every glass joint is the same size. You can get them in three main sizes, which are 18, 14, and 10 millimeters. You can also choose from both male and female types.

The joint size will dictate the amount of air flowing through, and the gender will determine the type of nail for you to purchase. Many people who have smaller rigs prefer to choose 10 millimeters since they offer more restriction, which is often better for dabbing.

With female nails, reclaim can be dripped on the outside of your joint. They often get stuck to your glass, but with the right care, you can avoid this issue. Male nails can work well, but often, you will want to look for a titanium nail for dropdowns. This will help you avoid expanding your glass too much.

Closing Thoughts

With each of these factors taken into consideration, you should always do some research on the different options to decide on what you really want in a dab rig. Getting on is an investment. You will likely enjoy this tool for many years to come, so it is important for you to choose the right one the first time around.


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