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Difference Between Cheap Glass Bongs and Expensive Glass Bongs

cheap glass zong bong

The prices for glass bongs can range tremendously. You can get cheap glass bongs for under $20 as well as expensive glass bongs that can run you into the thousands of dollars. Below we break down what the differences are between cheap and expensive glass bongs.

Glass Quality

The glass quality of a bong is one of the major factors that determine the quality and price of a bong. Cheap bongs are made with inexpensive glass that is typically not high in quality. More expensive glass bongs use higher end glass that does not break easily and is very sturdy.

Glass Thickness

Cheap glass bongs are generally made with thinner glass compared to more expensive glass bongs. Cheaper bongs are typically light in weight due to the thin glass used. Higher end bongs use thick glass to construct the bong and can sometimes have 7mm or even 9mm thick glass used.

Bong Design

The design of a bong determines how much times goes into manufacturing it. Standard beaker bongs with no frills are generally cheaper than bongs that have percolators and diffusers implemented in them. That is because the more detail a bong has in it, the more time it takes to make.

There are even cool themed bongs that are made by companies like Empire Glassworks and others. These bongs are hand made with lots of detail in their design.

Glass Flaws

If you buy a cheap bong, you can almost guarantee there will be some small flaws in the pipe. These are not necessarily defects but are just factors that comes with getting a cheap bong. Some cheap bongs will have small air bubbles in the glass, or possibly some small scratches. More expensive bongs are made with precision and typically do not have glass flaws.

Brand Name Bongs

Like buying high end designer clothes, sometimes you pay for the brand name. For glass bongs, most reputable brands are desired by smokers because when you purchase from a well named bong brand, you can ensure you are receiving good quality glass.

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