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Dry Pipes or Water Pipes?

dry pipe or water pipe

When shopping for a smoking pipe online you need to decide whether you want a dry pipe or a water pipe. Each one has their pros and cons associated with them. Dry pipes are typically small, discreet, and easy to use, while water pipes are bigger, less discreet, and require more preparation. Below we go in depth on the different types of dry pipes and water pipes that are available, and which one will work best for you.

Dry Pipes

Using a dry pipe is the way to go if you want a fast and convenient smoke. You do not have to worry about the hassle of filling and draining it with water like a water pipe, and they are typically easy to carry around and store. Though there are many different types of dry smoking pipes available on the market, we are just going to cover the most basic and popular types of dry pipes. They include standard hand pipes, chillums, and steam rollers.

Standard Hand Pipes

glass hand smoking spoon pipe

A standard hand pipe is the most common type of dry pipe used. Most of these are spoon shaped pipes with the smoking bowl at one end and the mouth tip at the other. These pipes are really easy to use due to their design and are favorited among a lot of smokers. The usual length for a standard hand pipe is 4 to 5 inches, but sizes can vary beyond that range. A standard hand pipe can range greatly in price. You can get a good little hand pipe for as little as $5, or drop over $100 on a designer hand pipe. If you are looking to purchase a dry pipe, we recommend you start with looking at standard spoon shaped pipes and then go from there.


glass chillum smoking pipe

Chillum pipes are sometimes referred to as “one hitter” pipes. They are small pipes shaped like a wide straw that has a bowl on one end. These are great for when you are out and about or on the go. They typically do not hold too much material so they are perfect for a quick smoke. The standard length for a pipe like this is about 3 inches. These pipes are also fairly common and are widely used.

Steam Rollers

steamer roller dry smoking pipe

Steam rollers are typically the biggest of all the dry pipes that are available. They are long straight tubes with an open mouth end on one side and a bowl implemented into the top of the tube on the other side. The look like a bong, but without the bottom beaker attached. Steam rollers provider the user with big hits and are more favored for experienced smokers. These can sometimes be hard to smoke out of though since they have bigger air chambers, but no water to filter the smoke. This makes for more of a harsh hit compared to the other dry pipes.

Water Pipes

A water pipe is any smoking pipe that provides water filtration for the smoke that is being inhaled by the user. The pipe must have a water chamber for the smoke to run through in order to filter the smoke. Compared to dry pipes, water pipes have more upkeep due to frequently having to change the water. However, just like dry pipes, there are many kinds of water pipes that vary in shapes and sizes. The most common types of water pipes are bongs, dab rigs, and bubblers. Those three different water pipes make up most water pipes being sold on the market today. Generally speaking, the water filtration provided by these pipes make the experience smoother on your throat and lungs. As of now there is no scientific evidence that shows it is healthier than smoking from a dry pipe, however, it is believed the water helps to filter out impurities when smoking, thus making it a safer option.


glass bubbler water pipe

If you are looking for your first water pipe ever, a bubbler might be a good place start. These are almost a hybrid between a standard hand pipe and a water pipe. They are generally small in size and can be used the same way you would use a spoon pipe. The only difference is these are equipped with a small water chamber to filter the smoke. Bubblers are mostly shaped in a classic upright style, but other styles like hammer bubblers can also be popular.  These have the smallest water chamber of the water pipes listed, so the water must be changed often since it gets dirty easily. Bubblers are perfect if you just need a small smoking pipe with some water filtration.


glass bong water pipe

What is there to say about bongs that hasn’t already been said? These are most notorious and popular water pipes that are available for sale. Bongs come in many, many shapes in sizes. There are small bongs, medium sized bongs, and large bongs. Designs vary and include beaker bongs, straight tube bongs, percolator bongs, and more. Bongs are designed for users who want bigger hits, while getting water filtration at the same time. Bongs are very popular among users because there are so many different options that it is easy to find one that fits your needs. Most bongs sit upright with the water chamber at the bottom and include a down stem and bowl slide. Having a bowl slide on your water pipe allows you to clear the air chamber easy and fast. Overall, bongs are always a great choice when choosing a water pipe and never disappoint.

Dab Rigs

dab rig water pipe

Dab rigs are mostly used for smoking essential oils and often come with a dab nail instead of a typical smoking bowl slide. These are water pipes that sit upright like a bong, but are generally smaller than bongs. If you intend to smoke essential oils, we highly recommend getting a dab rig as these are one of the best for it.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right smoking pipe can sometimes be confusing and daunting. You must decide if you want a dry pipe or water pipe, then choose your desired style. Generally speaking, most dry pipes are small and require little work to use, while water pipes on the other hand are bigger and provide water filtration for smoother hits. If you have a hard time deciding, we recommend trying one of each to see what works best for you. If you would like to shop dry pipes or water pipes we have one of the best selections available! Click here for dry pipes and click here to shop water pipes.

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