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How to Use One-hitter Pipes

How to Use One-hitter Pipes

If I said there were dozens of smoking implements out there these days, that would be an understatement. The truth is there are probably closer to hundreds of different devices available that you can use with a whole assortment of products. 

More and more we hear about crazy contraptions that seemingly require high-tech equipment to operate. But when you peel away all the new stuff, you can find some of the simplest tools and methods for using your favorite products. They are great for beginners and experienced users alike. 

One-hitter pipes are also great tools for conserving your product and measuring out your dosage each time, so you always know what you’re getting. One-hitter devices are used for single inhalation, which means it can help you conserve supply.

What Devices Are Out There? 

When I said there are probably hundreds of devices out there today, I was not kidding. From highly-involved contraptions to tiny pen-like devices that fit in your pocket, there are so many choices on the market. 

If you’re using any type of concentrated product, dab rigs are most likely your go-to device of choice. Those involve a little more explanation, but you can’t use a one-hitter with those products anyway.

Vape pens are quickly becoming one of the hottest items these days, mainly for how easy they are to use. Many vape pens come pre-loaded, and they are typically inexpensive and small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket for use on the go. Vaporizers are similar in size, but they can be a bit bulkier. These devices feature an open chamber where you can put whichever product you choose, but they are also easy and convenient to carry around. 

Bongs and water pipes are classic implements, but they are big and clunky. They require staying stationary if you plan to use them. They also typically feature several parts that need rigorous cleaning and that just applies to the bongs that come with the attachments that make it fun to use. 

Rolling papers are perhaps one of the more classic methods, but those can be tricky when you’re out and about. That’s why one-hitter pipes are a great option for someone who wants the size and convenience of a vape pen but the ability to use whatever product they choose instead of vape juice. 

One-hitter pipes are perhaps the most versatile of all the tools out there, and they often resemble a cigarette. They are made out of all types of materials, including glass, but aluminum is the most common type of one-hitter pipe out there today and probably the easiest to deal with day-to-day. 

How to Use Your One-hitter Pipe

How to Use Your One-hitter Pipe

It may seem rather simple, but there are some important tips and tricks for using your one-hitter pipe that will make you more of an expert than you may already be. 

Many one-hitter pipes are kept in dugout boxes or dugouts, where you can keep the product on one side and the hitter itself on the other. These boxes are typically small and can fit in your pocket. When you’re ready to use it, you just dig out what you need from the other side, using the tip of the one-hitter and light it up. Put it back with the digging side facing up because, otherwise, you’ll find yourself with a rather gamey mess at the bottom of the one-hitter box. 

Before using your hitter box, you need to grind up your product, being careful not to grind it too finely because you may find yourself inhaling the dust and ash. 

You want to make sure to light your one-hitter with the right angle. Don’t let the pipe get too hot or else you risk burning your fingers or throwing hot embers into the back of your throat. Also, try to get a good feel for when the hitter is empty because you don’t want to light the hitter and inhale if there’s nothing in it except heat. Some people say they can get just one big hit from one of these devices, but other users can take four or five before it’s empty. That’s why you’ll want to watch your usage patterns, so you can prepare and avoid any unpleasant experience. 

Using a one-hitter pipe can be a pretty discreet method, but there is still a rather distinct scent that comes with this apparatus. You can use an old trick of stuffing dryer sheets into an empty toilet paper tube and blow into the tube when you exhale. Another option is using activated charcoal, which is a little less convenient than grabbing a dryer sheet from the laundry room. 

Taking Care of Your One-hitter Pipe

Taking Care of Your One-hitter Pipe

Cleaning your device is probably one of the most important yet overlooked things when it comes to using a one-hitter. First, you want to tap out the ash somewhere safe, like an ashtray, the sink or the cement outside, before trying to clean it thoroughly. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with a big, goopy mess after you follow this cleaning regimen. 

The easiest way to clean it out is by taking a shot glass and filling it up with acetone or acetone nail polish remover. Drop the one-hitter into the shot glass and let it soak. You’ll see it doing its thing pretty quickly, as the resin around the opening starts to break free and float in the nail polish remover. Once you see significant size pieces or amounts of resin in the shot glass, take out your pipe and rinse it thoroughly. Rubbing alcohol works in place of nail polish remover, but trust me, acetone makes this process much faster. 

Some people suggest cleaning your one-hitter after every use, which is ideal, but after every couple of uses is fine, too. Keep in mind, if you have a one-hitter that’s painted, the paint will strip off in the nail polish remover, and over time, with the rubbing alcohol, so plan accordingly. 


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