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Zong Bongs: Why Is Each Hit Better Than the Last One?

Zong Bongs: Why Is Each Hit Better Than the Last One

Bongs are not for everyone, but you likely already have a favorite device if you happen to be a fan. It can be easy to overdo it with a bong, especially if you are a first-timer, which could make you a little leery of using one.

The thought of using a bong around a crowded coffee table with 10 of your closest friends may take you back to your younger days, but don’t be fooled. Over the past few decades, these devices have received quite the facelift, which has created an entirely new crowd of bong users.

One attractive aspect of bongs for many users is the intense experience you may get from using a bong. They’re known for their intensity, which may be one reason why bongs get a bad rap and are often associated with college parties and large groups of young people.

Bongs, including zong bongs you find for sale now, are a modern-day adaptation of ancient water pipes, which are typically wooden instruments. Nowadays, the most popular material for these devices is glass, which makes them a little more durable and a little more dangerous at the same time.

The more than 20 variations of bongs on the market include beaker bongs, straight-tube bongs, recyclers, and percolators, which are among the most common. Some people believe the war on substances in the late ’80s and early ’90s may be partially responsible for the zong bong’s temporary departure from the mainstream.

In the early ’90s, when zong bongs and zong bubblers first rose to popularity, the skeptical public and authorities had these devices in the crosshairs. Many people believe it was because of that zong bongs went to a bit of a hiatus until recently. Zong bongs and bubblers are making quite the comeback and growing in popularity.

What Is a Zong Bong

What Is a Zong Bong

If you’ve never heard of a zong bong, you are not alone; however, these devices are not new by any means. They were founded in 1993, and nowadays you can find them just about anywhere.

A zong bong is shaped like the letter “z,” forming a zig-zag pattern from the base, which resembles a beaker bong base, to the mouthpiece. The bends in a zong bong are “kinks” because those bends create kinks in the bong itself. Those kinks also cause this type of bong to be a little easier to hold and handle than similar devices. With that said, you won’t want to try carting a zong bong around from room to room or place to place. With any bong, expect to keep it relatively stationary wherever you plan to put it to use. If you feel as though you want a more mobile-friendly version of a zong bong, try a zong bubbler instead.

These devices are also typically made from high-quality, high-density glass, which helps them remain cool while in use. Quality craftsmanship and the thick glass on these bongs make them relatively sturdy and durable, which is why many people believe zong bongs are among the top-tier of bongs or devices in general out there today.

Zong bongs offer a few other benefits over their device counterparts, key among them, less chance to spill bong water. Because of its unique shape, these bongs also provide less chance of getting bong water on your lips or in your mouth.

You can find zong bongs in several sizes, from a 7" mini version to a 12" full-sized version, and they come in a wide array of colors and designs that look more like art than anything else. They are in line price-wise with many other bongs, but you definitely want to look for thicker glass if you’re in the market for a zong bong, and that can hike up the price a bit. On average, expect to pay $50 for a mid-sized zong bong that stands approximately 10" tall, although you should be able to find a mini-zong bong that stands roughly 7" tall for about $30.

What Makes Each Hit Better Than the Last One

What Makes Each Hit Better Than the Last One?

Although there are many different configurations of bongs, they all work relatively the same way and include similar parts and pieces.

Zong bongs have one feature you may not find with other bongs. With these devices, you can set ice cubes into the top z-kink, called an ice catcher, to provide an extra filter for the smoke to travel through before it gets to you. That ice filter will help turn the smoke into a cold vapor that may go down a little smoother than other hits. The smoke in a zong bong also has to travel further than in other bongs, which also helps cool down the smoke, turning it into a cool vapor.

Thanks to the design features of a zong bong, each time you take a hit from it, you experience cool vapor or smoke instead of hot vapor or smoke, which helps push more of the flavor of your specific product out through the mouthpiece.

There are plenty of bongs on the market that look more like a piece of art than what it really is, but they have much more to offer than just aesthetics. Many users swear by these devices, and once they chose to make the switch, they never looked back.

One of the main selling points is the cooler smoke and vapor that comes out through the mouthpiece. Aside from touching or tasting the bong water, the risk of taking in too much smoke can make people want to steer clear of these devices. That’s where the zong bong shines in comparison to other bongs and other devices in general.

A zong bong will allow you to get a big rip off it without inhaling a massive cloud of hot smoke. Many people love the effects they feel from using a bong, but no one wants to wind up in a full-blown coughing fit, as many of us have likely witnessed. Some self-proclaimed experts will tell you the best way to get a solid rip from a bong is to place your mouth on the mouthpiece, light the product and let the body of the bong fill with smoke. Once it’s full, remove the bowl and inhale everything in the chamber. The best part about doing this with a zong bong is you won’t have to deal with the discomfort you may have with other similar devices.

Because of the multiple twists and turns and the utilization of ice at the top of the device, zong bongs tend to provide a much more gentle experience while using it and the same effects as the other bongs afterward.

You may also love the zong bong because you run less of a risk of coming in contact with bong water. That’s because these devices usually include a splash guard of some type, a flat, broad base that helps keep the bong sturdy, and several twists and turns that keep the water away from the mouthpiece.

If you never have to worry about tasting that foul liquid, you can enjoy each and every hit you take from your zong bong.

Switch It Up

Switch It Up

If you already have a zong bong or you’re in the market for one, and you’re thinking about changing up which products you use with it, you do have some options. Zong bongs, and bongs in general, can be multipurpose for dabbing concentrates if you don’t have a dab rig lying around the house.

Dab rigs are for use with concentrated products in a process called dabbing. You can dab with a bong, even a zong bong, but bear in mind, it won’t be nearly as simple as if you were using a dab rig. But, if this is all you have around, then give it a try.

To make this work, you need to determine whether a female or male dabbing nail is necessary. If your bong features a male bowl, you’ll need a female nail, and if you have a female bowl on your bong, you’ll need to get a male nail. We aren’t talking about a nail from the toolbox, though. If you aren’t familiar with dabbing, a nail, also called banger or banger joint, is what you place your concentrate on after it’s heated. You can also find male-to-male adaptors, which you can find in many dispensaries. Even better? There are universal dab nails on the market now, and it may not be a bad idea to pick one up if you think you’ll ever head down this route.

If you plan on using a concentrate and dabbing with your bong, it’s wise to use less water than you would with dry products since concentrates would not need as much moisture to vaporize as a flower.

If this sounds fun to you, give it a go, but this could get messy considering bongs are not exactly made for those types of substances.

How to Care for Your Zong Bong

How to Care for Your Zong Bong

With any device used in this arena, you must take care and clean it often, or else you run the risk of coming face to face with a rather disgusting, sticky mess.

The cleaning process required for any type of bong is perhaps one reason many people avoid these devices. They may be fun to use, but sometimes it’s easier to allow a friend to host and be stuck with having to clean the bong later.

The first step to cleaning a zong bong is the same as any other bong. Start by pouring out any remaining water, then running warm water through the device. You can find cleaning products designed specifically for these devices and cleaning these substances off them, but those cleaners are not necessary.

Rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover are also great for cleaning up the sticky residue inside a bong. If you decide to go with nail polish remover, make sure you grab the bottle that says 100 percent acetone, or you may be waiting a while for the junk to come loose.

Pour a small amount of your nail polish remover, acetone, or alcohol into the tube of the bong. Place a handful of bunched-up paper towels in each opening on either end and give it a shake. Zong bongs are typically made from heavy-duty glass, but it will still shatter, so hold on tightly.

Once the resin begins coming loose, you will see it floating in the solution. Pour the solution out and rinse the device with warm water again until the water runs clear.

Bongs can develop scratches, mold stains, and water stains, which can be challenging to get rid of, so clean your device often and be careful when using or handling.

Most bongs are clear glass, which adds another layer of difficulty to the cleaning process if you want your bong to be streak-free. Window cleaner such as Windex will work wonders in getting any smudges or fingerprints off the outside of your bong, but it’s not a good idea to spray it inside the chamber.

If you should happen to find mold in your zong bong, clean and dry it thoroughly, then recheck it the next day. If you still see tiny spots, try it again, but you should make it your goal to never get to where you have mold in your bong in the first place. You can avoid this by making sure it’s cleaned after every use.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re planning to buy your first zong bong, start by looking at the glass’s thickness and quality. This is one way to know you are getting a quality product versus something that may fall apart before you know it.

If you plan on using a zong bong, be prepared to stay put because they’re not the easiest things to carry with you. If you decide to take it away from its safe place, be careful! This thick glass can still shatter, and we would hate for that to happen.

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